Dr browns bottle leaking

Hi all. I wondered if anyone using dr. Browns bottles has found a leaking problem in them? A lot of people recommended me this bottle. So I have a whole range of these bottles but these bottles leak most of the times (not every time) . I even bought a new set of spare parts for these bottles. However I still face this problem. I am unable to figure out why. None of my friends faced this. It makes me feel I am doing something wrong. Although I don’t know what. Any of you facing this with the dr browns bottles? Thanks xx

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I only filled them up to the 200ml mark on the bottle, anymore and I found they would leak. Great bottles though, I used them with my first when I had to express milk to give to him 👍

How strange! I have them and the only time one leaked was when I didn’t put the middle bits in properly. She’s on the larger bottle now and has 7 or 8 oz. Where is it leaking from? Could it be the teat is too fast for baby? It might be worth giving the company a call as they might have some tips. Hope it gets sorted for you! X

Are you filling them with boiled water? That makes them leak. I try to be organised and pre boil the water and leave to cool in the kettle before adding to the bottle. The water can be warm just not boiling!

I know that it does leak when my LO doesn’t swallow quickly sometimes but I am talking about the leakage from the bottle rim here.

No. This is luke warm breast milk/ Formula milk I am talking about. I have noticed that the milk can’t be even warm in these bottles. Otherwise they leak. I have just ordered another set of 2 bottles. Hope they don’t leak.

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