11 weeks and feeling down

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and feeling very down and confused. I will be a young mum(this is my first child) and I don't know what to do with myself. Currently on holiday and my partner isn't with me but I don't want to tell him how I feel as he finds it upsetting and distressing when he reassures me and I don't believe him.

Has anyone got any way of making me feel less down ? Or what I should do?

Thank you x

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Pregnancy messes with your hormones big time. I was pretty depressed throughout my second pregnancy. You are allowed to feel low sometimes, its normal, don't let it take over though. Speak to your GP or midwife so they know how you are feeling. Do some gentle exercise that you enjoy, dance around the room to your favourite music, exercise stimulates happy hormones - remember what Elle says in Legally Blonde! Find your local NCT branch and get involved in the with the committee, make some mummy friends who you can talk to about your worries. Hugs, its hard work growing a baby and then you have a brand new baby to look after as well as yourself, its all rather daunting. Create a good support group of friends around you. Xx

I think feeling down is pretty normal. It's all the weird hormones. I know you're young but you would maybe feel this way whatever age you are. Try and relax as much as you can. Think of the good things you have to look forward to. It's probably hard for your partner to understand as he isn't experiencing the hormones or the changes in your body. Maybe just cuddle up to him and let him reassure you and try to take on board what he says. Have you got an older female friend or mother you can talk to and confide in?

I don't really want to tell my mum how I feel as I don't think she accepts the pregnancy. I just don't want to tell anyone as I don't want to come across as weak. Loads of ladies do this all year round and they are fine, why should I let people comfort me? I hate being comforted because it makes me feel like I can't handle this myself. Maybe I can't , but I don't want to admit that to anyone x

I think you must want comforting or you wouldn't have written the post in the first place. It's ok to want comfort and reassurance, that's natural. Maybe your Amun needs some time to get used to the idea of you having a baby. Like you said, you're young. It might just take time for everyone to adjust. Try and take some time to relax and do things you enjoy. I'm sure you'll soon feel better. ❤️

Thank you❤️

Hiya I'm a first time mum...18wks pregnant today! I'm 36yrs old and felt really down myself the last couple of weeks....I can't even explain why I was and couldn't therefore do much about it. I spent last Sunday in tears all day for no reason...just decided I was fed up with being pregnant. Now fast forward a week and I'm fine again...stupid hormones I guess! xxx

I know! Haven't been able to stop crying for these past two days it's been horrible! My partner seems to think it's because I'm on holiday and away from my normal routine. I took this holiday to relax, but instead all I want to do is go home. Congratulations to you.xx

Have you heard of postnatal depression? Well when you're pregnant it's called perinatal depression - it is real, it's a thing and lots of women get it, they just don't post about it on social media or shout about it, so people don't know about it. You must learn to ask for help and have people, friends you can lean on when life is being rubbish. I wouldn't still be here able to look after my children, if I wasn't strong enough to ask for help when i felt low. You are not alone. Can you find your local Gentle Parenting group on Facebook? My mummy friends on there are super supportive and helpful when I'm having a crisis or my confidence is a bit low. It's brilliant that you asked on here for help, keep talking to people and asking for help and pay it forward when you're going through a good phase of life.

Thank you for your response, I will look up this group on Facebook and see if I can join. Thank you ❤️

Hey i know what your going through as im having my first child at 19.. I had feelings of feeling down throughout the first trimester and it is true of how hormones play with your emotions.. once you hit the second trimester and truly start to show i think your hormones by then will be more balanced and you will love your bump.. im 22 weeks pregnant and i love my little man growing inside.. just be patient, it will all be worth it xxx

It's good to know that hopefully it'll pass! I'm 18 and it's very scary! I love this baby to bits but my emotions are driving me nuts xx

Yeah i know how you feel, it will pass.. im glad to know im not the only young mama out there xxx

There are so many young mamas out there honey! Just means when we are 34 they would have moved out lol 😂😂xxx

I suppose so😂😂 xxxx

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