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Maternity clothes


At what stage do you buy maternity clothes. I’m 12 weeks and my regular clothes are feeling tight and uncomfortable, I wouldn’t say I have anything near a bump, more swollen maybe. Should I go for maternity jeans now or just buy a size up for the time being?

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You could always buy a maternity band that’s what I did then I actually bought maternity clothes at 17 weeks xx

You could do either but if you already needing bigger clothes at only 12 weeks they might not last long if they are maternity... Although things like maternity jeans will probably be huge at the moment as they are meant to fit till term. Maybe try wearing different things along lines of dresses and elastic acted stuff for the time being.

If you do go for maternity stuff I would make sure you try it on first as it's likely to be too big from the waist


Thanks roxannacar, maybe I’ll try the maternity band for a bit. It’s so hard to know what and when to get things. Hydromermaid1 did you by maternity tops at 17 weeks too? I was looking at some online and I certainly wouldn’t fill one now 😂

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Yeah I did buy a few and they were a little big but didn’t look it and then quickly filled them. There was no way I was gonna fit in my normal tops lol xx

The maternity stuff should last you the whole way through. I found either my normal stuff was too tight or the maternity trousers fell down. Even with the bump band its a problem.

I got past the uncomfy stage by wearing an elasticated skirt. Ok it was every day but it did the job!

Asda have some very cheap maternity clothes. I'm living in their joggers at the moment. Their maternity tights are very good too. The length inn the trousers isn't great for me as I'm 5ft 10 but can get away with it in the joggers.

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So at what stage did start wearing maternity clothes? I have one pair of jeans which close comfortably, looks like they’ll have to do for a bit!

I’m a little stuck as we’re going away in 5 weeks time (I’ll be 17 weeks) and I don’t want to buy maternity summer clothes for holidays and another set for winter, it’s such a waste as I have loads of holiday stuff from last year but they don’t fit. I’m normally a size 10 so I recon maybe if I buy size 12 shorts they’ll do?

I’m also tall at 5.11 so know exactly what you mean about the long leg trousers. Great tip, thanks

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I got some Asos maternity jeans at around 14 weeks - I grew out of all my skinny jeans pretty quickly! The asos ones I got I love - the jeans themselves are skinny jeans (so look like my regular ones) and because the jean waist band is below the bump (with fabric that when you are little you can hide under the jean waist band and as you get bigger pull up to cover the bump) I really do think they will grow with me for a while. They do them in petite and tall sizes. I'm 18 weeks at the moment. I haven't bought any maternity tops or anything else yet - most of my stuff still fits other than trousers, albeit more snugly! I really need to find some decent maternity exercise gear and sports bras though - that's the stuff I'm growing out of the fastest right now.

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That’s great London7 I’ll have a look at ASOS so, at least it’s a great excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe 😊 Hope everything goes well for you and thanks for your help x

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think i went on holiday just as I was showing at 14 weeks or so.

Its all going to depend on the cut and design of clothes you have. Skinny jeans obviously are not going to last but i have loose tops, leggings and dresses cutting under the bust that i can get away with pregnant.

Personally i wouldn't go crazy with buying two sets of clothes just get a couple of items bottoms wise and then see what else works in your wardrobe. Tops can be very forgiving. I'm still ok at 32 weeks in my normal t shirts but they are getting tight. Asda joggers were £12 So hardly extortionate. Their linen trousers with flip flops might be ok length wise and are also cheap.

My mates at 17 weeks and just gone for maternity leggings and floaty tops for the moment. A bit annoying that you will need two seasons to cover you. I'm due in November and not getting a maternity coat. Going to wear my husband's rain coat which cuts at the waist and a poncho with layers if it's cold. He's bigger than me so his fleeces, jumpers etc are all up for sharing!

Hiya I was in elasticated waists only by 12wks. A couple of weeks later I was in proper over the "bump" mothercare jeans. At 18wks I live in them comfy! For tops, I have a mix of maternity and my old tops that I wear. Even now most of my normal tops still fit. Its only the less stretchy ones that dont.

I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and I had to buy bigger tops and trousers for work at 10 weeks. Since having our 13 week scan, I've started to wear my maternity tunic for work but I've just stuck to buying bigger trousers and not my maternity ones purely because although my stomach is more prominent, I haven't got a bump yet and they seem a bit big. I'd probably stick to buying a bigger size legging/trousers/elasticated jeans but nothing too expensive as you may not get much wear out of them. Whether others are doing it or not, if you feel comfortable then wear whatever. Main thing you want is to be comfortable in what you're wearing :) x


I bought 2 pairs of jeans but they were far too big for my little bump but that was a few weeks ago. I'm now 20 weeks and I am able to wear them although I feel the over the bump section is still a little large. At about 16 weeks I bought a few normal tops (not maternity) but a size larger than what I usually wear as all my fitted tops were getting too tight and it wasn't pretty! These tops have been great. I have just ordered some proper maternity tops, pj bottoms and jogging bottoms as the sales are on. Hopefully that will get me through the next stage.

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Meant say I bought a couple of maternity bands and the waist expanders which have been great as they are allowing me to wear my existing trousers with button fastenings. For me, finding maternity trousers and tops to fit is difficult as I'm Petite height, 5'2". I've had to fold up leggings and some long sleeved tops. Thankfully Next do a shorter leg length.

Im 6 mths n still in my size 12 from a 10. Eother buy a size up as maternity wear expensive or wear below the bump or waist instead ov hips. So much more comfortable and saves u pennies which can b spent on baby lol. Congrats by the way n enjoy.xxxx

At 20 weeks I definitely have a bit of a bump, but neither maternity clothes, nor the larger size are looking right for me yet.

I bought a pack of 'belly belts' waist extenders which have allowed me to keep wearing my normal size 8 jeans so far!

I am 10 w 5 d now but I was showing from last week. It's difficult to hide as a secret in the office, all girls already work out:-), they said my bump showed from last week because I was so tiny before..... I already wore maternity leggings

I bought my maternity clothes at 23 weeks and didn't feel like I needed stuff before then. My leggings fit untill 38 weeks they couldn't make those last few weeks though. My maternity jeans only had a few uses out of them I felt much more comfortable with a dress on. If you plan to breastfeed go for nursing clothes they're the only thing I bought during my pregnancy that saw me all the way through and you will have much more use out of them, like the 2 pack nursing tops from h&m. Night shirt dress things from primark are probably my favourite buys easy to feed LO and comfortable. I didn't buy the next up think I should have done with my tops though as it's easier to feed with a top that slips up easy and I've gone up one size so I'd still be getting use out of them.

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