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These may be a stupid questions but for those who have had babies, how many nappies did you require each day? I'm not due until Feb but trying to buy whilst the shops have offers on. Also, where is the best/cheapest place to buy?


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Trust me, you will need loads. For my son it used to be every time he Fed, he had a soiled nappy. My experience is that newborns digestive system works very quick when exclusively breastfed. But don't buy too many of the new born size. Your baby will be growing very quick. When you are hunting for deals on nappies I would suggest

also don't forget they come in a range of sizes. I have no clue how navy of each to get so only got one pack of side 1, one of Size 2 and loads of size three which seem to be a massive range. No idea of this is right but not going to know babies size till she's born.

If anyone knows what we are supposed to get bottle and feeding wise I'm also struggling with that.

I buy the box of 94 papers I brought loads I stocked up on them before my little one was born but I over did it on the size ones but he went threw a lot really quick and then by time I new it he was in size two trust me they grow fast they had an offer on in asda 8 pound a box nd some times in Tesco 2 for 18 pound just have to have a look around that's what I did

Aldi and Lidl. If you want to save more buy real nappies. After baby is born you can find what's suitable for him or her at

You can sign up to Boots parenting and Tescoparenting club and you'll receive vouchers which you can use along with the offers so the cost comes down hugely.

The Nappy lady is;

Free advise and you can buy the nappies from anywhere else too. Not tied to her website.

I always used aldi nappies with my daughter and she never had a nappy rash. I'd stock up more on the 2nd size nappy as they do grow so quick. My daughter was 9lb born so she was big anyway. I'd buy more of the 2nd and 3rd size. If you want to use papers adds has a box of them for around £12 which is great value and they also sell the wipes in bulk xxx

Hello! Congratulations on your new treasure! Everyone is talking about disposable nappies but if you really want to spend less money I would advise reusable ones. I got 20 cloth nappies for 70£, my baby is 4 months and he still uses the same ones...and he can still use them until he is very big... in the first month he would use probably ten to twelve, now is still the same.. imagine buying all those in disposable!

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I like the idea of not using disposables but the initial outlay of some of those types of nappies is huge. The nappy, the liners, the bag to carry round with you etc.

Are you using the good old fashioned plain cloth ones with safety pin and no liners?

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That's exactly how I felt!!

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I use the easy ones with fasteners, they have inserts and I don't use the liners... the key is pre work it, when they come out of the washing machine put the inserts inside and fold them, if you want to use liners put them inside as well, then when you need them they are ready to use. if it's pee I only put it inside the machine if it's poo I give it a little scrub and machine with it... if we go outside more than 2 days we will take disposables for the travel, if it's less than 2 day, we just pop them inside the bag that comes with them and then it's the same. I'm using them since my baby was 3 days and so far so good because with a baby you will do more laundry, the nappies help to fill the load

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This is so helpful, thank you. The actual make of the nappies you use is called easy ones? Can't seem to find them. I've found "real easy nappies" but these are 11.99 each and have size 1 and 2.

I've also found motherease at 9.99 each which supposidly go from birth to potty training.

Nothing in the region of £70 for 20. Or did you get them second hand?

It's the mio ones i was suggested by the nappy lady and initial cost was £250 and that doesn't take you up to potty training.

Any website you can recommend where you got yours and what the brand name is would be extremely helpful. I hate putting things into landfill and sounds like one baby can have quite the impact!

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I got lilbit and littlebloom brand in packs and checked now it was near 100£ for 20 (6+6+8) but I could have spent less but wanted to try different ones. You can always check for promotions or sales. You still have loads of time... and I got them from Amazon...

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thanks for this. I've got some mio second hand newborn size. Not sure if those are going to be too small but will supplement with a few of these ones you mentioned above. Even if we don't use them full time and only on occasion will be better than not at all.

Do you store them wet in a bag/bucket before getting round to washing them? Or the thing above about just chucking them in the washer because every two days I will be washing anyway the way to go?

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We wash the baby clothes separated from ours so we have a bucket for each, when we have enough ours we make a load, it's easy if we don't have nappies inside the washer... I would recommend having a bucket definitively..

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Seriously this is so helpful. I know they have faq and everything on their website but it does seem like a minefield. You are the first person using them that ive heard of. It's good to hear some positive feedback.

Off to search for buckets :-)

We used about 10 a day. It's good to buy some but I wouldn't stock up too much, it really depends on your babies shape as to what fits best. I likes pampers and Aldi but Morrisons leaked with her so badly. Everyone is different though.

At the start 8-10 a day... Newborns poop a lot! Lol but grow out of size 1s very quickly and might not even fit if you have a very big baby.

I buy them from

Aldi. Very reasonable and good. I had a very few poo leaks but have had them with more expensive brands like pampers too

Hi get it from Aldi's or Lidl's own brands they r very good n cheap in price

We get through a pack of 44 in about 3 days. My little one seems to need changing constantly and her favourite thing to do is wait until she has just been changed before messing the new one. Definitely stock up but make sure you have some size 2s as well as they seem to grow out of the size 1s overnight.

Mine went through about 10 - 12 nappies over 24 hours. She was born nearly 7lbs and was in pampers size 1’s for 3 weeks, size 2’s for two months and then size threes. She is currently size 3 and she is 7 months old. She is down to about 6 nappies over a 24 hour period now and poops once a day. I totally underestimated how many wipes I would need. I would say stock up on those. We use Pampers premium during the day and pampers baby dry for the night as that was the only one I found that hadn’t leaked in the morning (when they are on 1 nappy a night). Hope this helps!

I found a post on the Internet that said I'd need roughly the following:

210 size 1 (Lasts 3wks)

315 size 2 (Lasts 6wks)

630 size 3 (Lasts 3mths)

1260 size 4 (Lasts 7mths)

Which takes u upto 12mths. All u experienced mummies...does that sound about right?...not sure the sizes are right if u need a tonne of size 3's instead...


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Size 3 had a big range of weight so I'm not surprised they last longer. If you have a big baby on the way size 1 might be too small.

On the baby size monitoring we've been told at first we are off the chart and she's massive, 120th percentile now after the scan she's supposidly 10th percentile. Only bought a few nappies and newborn clothes and told hubby if she truly is small he's got a quick supermarket run to do to pick up the right size nappies and clothes.

Hi. Size 1's are sometimes hit and miss cos you don't know what size baby'll be. Get more 2'and 3's.

I use pampers. Stock up when they're on offer. I think that the 2 for £8 or BOGOF when one is £8 work out cheaper than the 2 for £18 packs. More or less the same as Aldi/tesco. For 50p more I prefer Pampers nappy pants which are stronger on the sides than Tesco's. Register with pampers club and the app on phone so you get money off vouchers making them even cheaper.

1' and 2's I think are the same across brands. They Start to differ from 3. Pee leaking depends how much they pee over night. I would recommend checking how bad they are when you do the night feeds rather than relying on the 12hr thing. In the end I found that quicker than changing clothes.

We went with pampers bought them in the baby event at Asda as it was BOGOF. There's a baby event coming up in Tesco, Oct. 11th so may be worth checking then. We use Aldi nappies now had a few leaks recently but he's inbetween sizes. Wouldn't stock up too much as you can't know for sure what size they'll be in or whether you and LO will even get on with the nappies you've bought. You will go through cotton wool quickly too I'd say stock up on cotton pads as they can add up and you'll definitely get use out of them. I liked big pads to change him and little ones for his face.


When my little one was born we brought pampers newborn nappies which we found were really good, we got the newborn size but he was so little he needed the micro size he was in this size for a few weeks then went back into newborn size for about a month, we went through 10-12 nappies per day to start with and I brought the massive packs that were buy one get one free we soon used them before we knew it and was buying more nappies, we haven’t changed our nappy brand simply because our son has funny skin and reacts to changes in different things, tbh when your baby is born which ever nappies you decide to use I personally wouldn’t change them unless they cannot use them for certain reason, we had lots of vouchers while I was pregnant for money off nappies also quite a few free nappies in Bounty packs and through the post as I signed up to boots, tesco and Bounty baby club. Hope this helps and good luck with your journey 😀

I found my son was in size 1 nappies for all of 3ish weeks and at 2.5mths hes still in size 2 but after this pack is finished we will be moving him up into 3's! The fit of the nappy depends on the brand as i have found they vary quite a lot! My son will have a nappy change before every feed (purely because he wont eat with a wet or soiled nappy otherwise i would wait till after a feed) so he will be changed before a feed and then about an hour after a feed, if we see he has wet through his nappy onto his clothes or can smell he needs a change of nappy then will change him, but every baby and every day is different! My son is slightly colicy so will go up to 3 days without a poopy nappy but when he does go we can get through 7 or 8 soiled nappies that day. I would say get 2 packets of size 1 and then stock up on size 2s and 3s as those are the sizes that you will need the most of in my opinion! Also you can never have enough wipes on hand, i would try a few different brands, i found i hate huggies wipes and the johnsons made my sons bum sore, the only ones he seems okay with are the Aldi mamia wipes and water wipes!

I hope all goes well for you xx

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