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Thyroid (TSH) Level 5.69 mlu/ml, Prolactin 91.21 ng/ml

Hello All,

I was away for a month to India and took some scanning and blood test. My blood report says I have elevated Thyroid with the value of 5.69 mlu/ml and Prolactin 91.21 ng/ml. I was asked to take a tablet for Thyroid daily and 2 weeks once for Prolactin. Doctor is India asked me go again for blood test after 6 week. Am really worried about the result and devastated like anything, Did anyone had this experience ? Will i be OK if i take a tablet ? How long should I wait? , I get heart attack if i google how Thyroid affect the pregnancy or conception .

Can I just walk in to GP and ask for Thyroid Test ? Help please.

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Hi there, if it was me I would go to a GP / doctor in the UK now that you are back and let them know all about it and they will repeat the test and prescribe the thyroid medication if necessary - I had a similar situation myself and it is sometimes difficult to convince the GP that it would be great to treat it due to pregnancy worries etc - sometimes they treat if the number is greater than 10 but mine was a lot less than that and there are guidelines relating to pregnancy and trying to get pregnant so it is worth reading guidelines on the internet so you know what to expect and discuss with the GP. Organisations like NICE and British Thyroid Foundation give good information on the internet about how to treat thyroid problems in relation to trying to get pregnant and also there are European (and also American) organisations with good guidelines for doctors to treat this. I would go through a UK doctor / GP because the condition will need follow-up and repeat blood tests in the future if you have tablets to treat it. Hope this helps :)


Hey Sarah,

Thanks so much.. Ok I will go to GP and ask to test again and follow from there.


Thyroid disorders are very common and as long as you are having it monitored regularly whilst pregnant it shouldn't cause issues.

I would speak to your UK GP if you are planning on staying in the UK and ideally get a printed copy of the results not just a number as ranges vary from lab to lab


Thanks and am going to GP just waiting for an appointment.


Pre pregnancy my thyroid levels were borderline but now that I'm pregnant, it has changed and not for the better. I have to take a tablet each day and am getting bloods taken every 4 weeks to monitor the level to try to stabilise it. I was told that if I didn't take the tablet eventually it would get worse and would fail - not good for me or my baby. I'm feeling much less tired and more human now that my levels are classed as normal.

You should definitely get it checked out by your GP.

Good luck!

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Hey ya,

Thanks and yes am gonna book an appointment to check my blood again .


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