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Due date help

Hi all,

I'm hoping you can help. I've taken a positive pregnancy test today and my local trust doesn't book me in with the GP but midwife between 8-10 weeks.

The receptionist asked me how far along I was and I don't know. What I thought was my last period was 15th august which would put me at 5 weeks. But now I think about it I think that could have been implantation bleeding and my period before was 10th July which would put me at 11 weeks.

Basically I have no idea so was hoping someone could help shed some light.

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Was your period in August different to usual?


Hi Kelly, it was later than usual (by about a week) but I did some tests before it came and they were negative but it was a lot shorter than normal and seemed lighter. Perhaps I just need to try and see the midwife sooner (my appointment isn't until the end of October!)


It could have been implantation bleeding then. I had it with my son. A few days before my period was due and it was just a one off spotting! I also thought it was my period. Yes maybe try and get an earlier appointment. Pregnancy can be so confusing 😉. Congratulations by the way.

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Thanks Kelly, it's all a bit of a shock (it wasn't planned) but coming to terms with it! :)

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Hi there. I just saw the midwife straight away both times. No need to see the GP. Sounds like it was a period on 15th August so I would say that. They will speak to you about it at your appt and get you booked in for scans and blood tests etc. Good luck.


Nice guidelines say you need to have a booking appointment ideally before ten weeks. But if you are a little late to the party it should be fine. They book you into a scan for around 12weeks. The appointment is just to go through background and risk factors.

There’s little they can do before then so you get left alone. You should be taking a pregnancy vitamin and avoiding certain foods, nhs choices website has really good info.

You could get a private scan done so you know where you are at with dates. The early ones were a bit cheaper but heartbeat won’t show up till week 6 or 7.


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