8 Week Pregnant

Hi Mummy's and Mummy's to be. I am 8 weeks pregnant, constant feeling of nausea but no throwing up, breast aching like crazy and the weirdest dreams I have ever experienced every time I close my eyes! Any ladies 8weeks in like to share how their pregnancys are going? Any symptoms? Or anyone remember how they were feeling at this stage? I don't really have anyone to talk to about my pregnancy and info would help !

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Hi Frimpzilla, I'm only 11 weeks myself. I felt horrendous at 8weeks too, I can completely sympathise. I haven't had/ got too much breast pain but sickness without ever vomiting is awful and the weird dreams is scarey. Especially around week 9. unfortunately I still feel sick now and can hardly function with my job but the dreams have stopped. I would take strange dreams over sickness any day. Hoping our sickness calms down very soon.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry the nausea is getting to you too. Hope it passes soon so we can enjoy our pregnancy.


I'm a bit further along at 29weeks but I felt so tired in that first trimester. I had a lot of broken sleep during the night and huge naps during the day.

Just getting the vivid dreams at the moment which sometimes are funny and sometimes so weird.

Good luck with your pregnancy, not long till the first scan.

Hi, did you ever combat your nausea? I'm at 6 - 7 weeks at the moment and it's driving me absolutely insane! I never throw up but i constantly feel nauseous, any advice? :(

Hey BabyBH, sorry for the late reply, ginger helped me a lot. Weather it was ginger beer or ginger crystals. They here so helpful.

Hope this help. And this time will pass lol

Thank you, I'll give them a try! Aha will it? It feels like its forever at the moment

Hey i felt very sick at 8 weeks up until 16 weeks! Then it went thankfully hope yours passes quicker for you. Try taking ginger biscuits to bed and have one or two as soon as u wake up and before you actually get out of bed i found that helpt me at times. X

Hopefully! And thank you for the advice, I'll definitely give it a try! x

Your welcome x

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