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Blood screening down syndrome..


Hi to everyone..i am 31 yrs old and im 15 weeks pregnant..i just talk to the nurse and told me that theres a possible that my baby had a down syndrome.1:150 high risk..they advice me to do the diagnose test which is amniocentesis..i feel worried and scared on what i've found out..pls give me advice what i'll going to do.

Tnx a lot

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Hi reashelle, firstly a big hug to you as I'm sorry that you are feeling scared.

You are not alone with this there are people in a similar situation, you may like to visit this website there is a helpline you can call and also a forum where you might be able to get more specific support from other mothers to be who are going through the same thing or who have experience with this that can help give you the information you need or are looking for in order to feel less scared.

Dear Reashell

Them scans ain't always accurate, don't worry too much, even if it is you r not alone some things happen for a good damn reason.

Good luck

Pray, prayer is never a waist of time.

Ask about a Harmony test, many hospitals dont advertise they offer it as its expensive, but available on the nhs. It involves a blood test which can detect foetal dna in maternal blood. Its risk free to mum and baby (just involves a blood test) and i think is about 99% accurate for downs syndrome. I had the test carried out after i had a high risk pregnancy in 2014. Maybe worth a thought. Good luck with ehat ever you decide to do. Sending hugs x

Not all trusts offer this depends on your area. But you can get it privately

Sorry didnt realise its not universally available, the nhs is so variable these days.

emmab178 in reply to beancarrier

Meant to be coming in 2018 as per nice guidelines but will only be offered to people after they come back as a high probability after the nuchal.

You can take the harmony from 10 weeks but the nhs way you won't find out until 16weeks as you have to wait till 12week scan, then wait for the nuchal results, then take the harmony and wait for those results.

roxannacar in reply to emmab178

IT would be nice if something comes along just because it is suggested by nice guidelines... but it's a matter of funding unfortunately (which nice have nothing to do with) . It is very much a post code lottery on which services you can access. Lets say ivf some areas give 3 cycles some only offer 1. It's unfair as I still contribute as much tax as someone who earns the same as me but different areas have different needs and get different funding from the powers that be!

Not the news you want to hear when you're expecting. However these are probabilities and not for certain so baby might just be fine.

I think I would consider an amino if you think that the result might make you consider a different outcome. If it is indeed positive souldyou consider a termination on those grounds. The amnio will give you a definite answer but does carry risk of miscarriage. There is a blood test as. Someone else mentioned which is risk free. They take your blood and look for baby's DNA strands. It is offered by some NHS trusts but not many as yet, although you can opt to get it privately if they don't offer it.

Hope all works out well


I hope you are well?

With our son, our nuchal measurement came up slightly high on our first scan. We were put in a 1:150 downs risk category at that moment. They pulled up my blood results and tied them in and that gave us a 1:55 downs risk! We were so upset and shocked. We didn't know what to do. We were offered a CVS test, which we took. Less than two weeks later, we were informed that our baby had absolutely no chromosomal defects at all and nothing came up to cause any concern. He's now one year old, cheeky, very intelligent and the whole thing is a distant nightmare that become nothing! Good luck to you xxx

Oh and another thing to bear in mind while you wait for results (if that's what you decide to do) a 1:150 means that for the 1 child born with downs, 140 will be born fine! So another way to view it xx

149 ;) x

Oh yes 😂 oops! I wasn't paying attention hahaha x


Hope you are ok? Big hugs to you.I was offered this test while I was pregnant but refused it on the bases would it make any difference to me based on the outcome ( I decided it didn't matter to me ). I know of people who have had the test been high risk and have had a normal healthy baby, then someone else who was low risk had a downsymdrone baby.

I know it's a lot to take in at the moment but ask yourself would it make any difference to you before undertaking the other test and look it up so you are armed with all information you need to make your decision.

Good luck and take care x


Not all the scans are accurate so please dont worry too much. One of my friends was also told so, however everything went well later.

May god give everyone healthy and happy pregnanacy...

Tnx a lot for all the comments..well still thinking if i will do the amnio or not.i still have 2 weeks to think if i will do the amnio or not..

Please remember the amniocentesis carries a small risk of miscarriage. Having a 1:150 chance means there is a 149:150 chance of baby being ok. I would say only have this test is you absolutely want a definately answer.

Hi firstly I know how you are feeling we had the 12 week scan and had the blood work done for the combination test scan was perfect was told baby looked perfect low fluid on neck so nothing to worry about but 5 days later I received a call from the hospital telling me I was high risk and had a 1 in 131 chance our baby had Down's syndrome the women I was speaking to bombarded me with all the jargon asked me what I'd like to do have me options but insisted that I couldn't have the amniocentesis test as I was a 1 in 10 chance of miscarriage I told her the results make no effect we are keeping our. Baby she said the result is only 75% accurate it goes on age smoking status and hormones picked up in blood work

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