Baby wouldn't sleep

Hi all. My LO is 18 weeks old now. He has completely stopped taking naps during the day. So he gets cranky during the day and wants cuddles all the time. If I put him down he starts crying. He wouldn't drink well too. Since two days he was very unsettled during the day. He seems fine as he keeps smiling and responding to me well but the moment I disappear, he starts crying. He was never like this before and used to play by himself all the time until now. Went to GP but they said there doesn't seem to be anything concerning.

He is purely breast fed so far. I am currently alone with him without any help for the next 2 weeks. I am purely pumping and will do my best to continue. But with my LO being cranky and wanting cuddles all the time, I might not be able to continue this on a timely basis. I was therefore hoping to get some guidance or methods I could try to calm him down and make him sleep. Thanks xx

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  • babies go through phases were they don't sleep as well as other points, teething, growth spurts etc. is it not possible to breast feed directly rather than express? it would save you a lot of time that way

  • I recommend a sling, can you find a local sling meet/library to get some advice and try some different slings. A ring sling, moving baby more onto one side would mean you could still "hold" him, but have your hands free to pump off the boob on the other side. Find a consultant who should be able help you with positioning and safety.

    It is very normal for babies to go through different developmental phases, each phase will pass and move onto a new challenge. Have you seen wonder weeks? Its a guide to when leaps happen and gives you a heads up of what might happen next.

  • Hi, don't panic it's the 4 month regression! I'd just look at it as a small step backwards! Be consistent, try not to feed to sleep and it will settle down again. The book The Baby Whisperer was very useful with my second child who regressed at 4, 9 and 12 months!

  • Sorry a method I used was the shush and pat. You shush in the ear while gently patting the back rhythmically. The idea is that they cant concentrate on more than one thing and will settle. You can start with them out the cot and as soon as they settle put them back. Eventually you can get to a point where you can shush and pat in the cot. Which should lead to you shushing with no patting. Remember your aim is to put them down in thier bed and for them to settle themselves. Be consistent and persistent and it will happen!

  • Exclusively pumping is very hard work, I did this with my first for 5 months and towards the end I found it very stressful when baby was more aware and less settled so big hugs to you if you are doing this for your baby.

    Be kind to yourself and know that you have done an amazing job so far! I have to admit I introduced formula at 5 months (well my milk depleted and I had to top up) and whilst I felt very guilty initially looking back now I don't know why I was so hard on myself as I was able to spend the 4 1/2 hours a day cuddling my baby instead of watching him be unsettled whilst I pumped next to nothing towards the end. Thinking of you 💛

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