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In need of some help


Hi i am Victoria I have missed my period for a month or clothes to a month I would get cramps but nothing I never started my period just yesterday I decided to take a pregnancy test and after the first I took 3 more all came back the same positive but I don't get it I get like super mad at my little brothers and I get a super sharp pain like I am gonna start but nothing what it is

Somebody I am desperate

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If you took a pregnancy test (or 3) and they are positive then your pregnant. Not sure what you don't understand

Well I had cramps for 3 months. I went to the doctor they did 2 pregnancy test + blood test all positive + listened to heart beat! I was in shock but I'm over it! First pregnancy ever @ 43 !

J-LADY in reply to Jazzy313

Awesomeness, congratulation

If all your tests were positive then you are definitely pregnant - it's very rare to have false positives! You need to sort out an appointment at your doctors. It sounds like your mood swings are hormonal which is completely normal and the cramps you are getting are your uterus stretching. If you are around a month late then you are probably about 7-8 weeks pregnant now which is the time you would expect to have a booking appointment with the midwife so you definitely need to sort this out with your doctors surgery. Good luck x


I agree with shem008 if you have had 3 positive tests then you are pregnant and need to see the doctors so you can book into midwife, good luck I hope all goes well for you

Congrats you are pregnant

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