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Severe cramps

Hi all I am 20 + 5 pregnant and have woken up today with the most crippling cramps. Feel similar to period pains but they are just not disappearing. It's even a struggle to walk. I don't want to be a pain and ring the midwife, I'm sure every thing is fine as I'm not bleeding. Has anyone else had cramping and pain like this that has lasted all day non stop? Thanks

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If they are that severe calling the midwife might be a good idea. Cramps can be very normal during pregnancy. I get them ever now and then and now that I'm 34 weeks I get kicked and punched in the ribs from inside too lol


Hi, i'm 20 weeks today and recently come out of hospital for cramping and bleeding, luckily everything is fine with baby and me but they have no explanation for it. It's always worth giving your local maternity triage number a ring as they were really helpful when i went in!

Try not to stress about it too much!

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