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UPDATED 29/09/17: Missed two periods - Negative pregnancy test. Lots of cramps and pains. Feel like crap!!

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I was due 28th August, so my period is now 17 days late.

Ive taken a few pregnancy tests and theyve come back Negative.

Is there any other reason why my period would be so late?

Or do you think there is a chance i am pregnant and its not showing on tests yet.

Having cramps and pains in stomac and down below.

Having lots of diarrehea (cant spell it!)

Lots of head aches and generally dont feel well.

Any help or advice appreciated.

Thank you!!

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Same here period was due the 31st and I am now 14 days late all test negative even blood work for yesterday!! Hope to find out what's goin on soon!!

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Becks-734 in reply to Dutchess09

Thanks for your reply! Hope you find out too, ifs so fustrating isnt it? Xx

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Dutchess09 in reply to Becks-734

I read threads all day!

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Becks-734 in reply to Dutchess09

Haha :) xx

Im going threw the same 7 days late and 3 test later and it's negative I'm getting all the signs of pregnancy very frustrating.

Me too!!

I feel so nausious and sick. Im dizzy and feel so bloated. And no period xxx

Good luck to you, keep in touch xx

Any news? Xx

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Any news on you? Xx

Hello! Are you on the pill? If you're not you can be late due to stress, new diet, hormone changes... I would redo tests every week just to make sure, I only tested positive when I was 6 weeks

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Hello hun thank you for replying, no im not on anything atm.

Ill keep retesting hun xxx

I had a negative test result on my daughter and didn't find out with her till I was well into my pregnancy it was the doctor who did blood tests on me as they are more accurate hope this helps you..

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Thanks hun. I wonder why it didnt show you as being prenant until later on? How many weeks were you? Roughly? Xx

I was 16 weeks on my daughter, on my boys it showed up straight away

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Wow 16 weeks is a long time!! Xx

16 weeks?! Had you had a blood test before then or did you check urine between 6-16 weeks? 16 is very late

Taken another tests today (day 19) and still negative but i feel so nausious and dizzy :/ xx

Ive just taken another test and its negative (im 21 days late today)

What other reason could there be for this? Im only 28 so cant be menopause.

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roxannacar in reply to Becks-734

There a 101 reasons why periods why be late - hormone imbalance, stress, exercise, strict dieting being overweight/underweight etc etc if you miss another period next month then I'd suggest seeing ur gp. Menopause is highly unlikely at 28

I'm in exactly the same boat - 7 days late however 3 tests all coming back negative! I'm am like clockwork and not under any stress but don't want to get my hopes up!

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Any news on yourself? Xx

Well i have now missed another period. And i am defo not pregnant. Taken a few more tests and they were all negative. Stomach cramps and pains are getting worse. Going to docs this afternoon for bloods. Went on monday and the nurse didnt really seem that bothered, i had to ask for my bloods to be done. Which i never thought id ever ask for! As i hate having them done!!

Just fed up of feeling so crap and having pains.

Im on a 24 day cycle and i was due aug 28th and again on sept 21st and neither has happened.

:/ xd

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sallly in reply to Becks-734

Update please

Hope you get your answer soon as no fun feeling like that when you don’t know why.

Is there an update on this? Or has anyone ended up preg?

Hi did you ever find out what it was as I'm now 17 days late. Did your bloods come back pregnant?

Hi did u find out u were pregnant or not? Please reply

Am 2 months late and still testing negative

Apologies for not replying sooner. I was pregnant but sadly lost my baby. So its an awkward thing for me to talk about xx

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Sisi14 in reply to Becks-734

Sorry to hear of your loss and I hope u have all the support around you xx

Am so sorry for your loss.. i also had mc in april when i was 6+ weeks along.. and now am 2 months late for aunt flo but stil testing negative hpt.. going to doc in 2-3 days.. ☹😒

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