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Morning Sickness all day


Hi ladies!

Hope all your pregnancies are coming along well.I am 9 weeks today and I am really suffering with sickness that goes on all day and peaks at night.I can keep some foods down but it's a struggle and I'm so tired.

My gynaecologist gave me anti sickness tablets but whenever I take them I'm sick within the hour.When did this morning sickness end for you all and any suggestions of things than can help with it?

Thankyou :)

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15weeks with my first 12 with my second.

Small frequent meals, high in carbs is what worked best for me. Avoiding to get hungry... Used to have a banana next to my bed for first thing when I woke up

Taking the anti sickness tablets a different time of day may help...


Mine went at 6 months and at one point I could only keep down lucozade, certain smells could trigger me being sick too, I just kept trying to eat and drink water as much as I could and slept as much as I could I hope this helps you

FoxyRoxy11 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou for all your replies :)

I am craving lucozade but as I live in Spain you don't get it here.I am heading back to the UK this week so my first stop will be to get some!

Touch wood so far having a good Morning and was able to go outside for a walk for an hour.The only time I really feel great is when I'm sleeping!!

Did the doctor give you cyclizine? They often make me feel even more sick when taking them, but ive found taking them with a high in flavour drink helps because then you dont taste them and it doesnt make you feel as sick. :) X


I have had the same and went onto anti-sickness Metoclopramide. This really helped so it might be that you may need to change anti-sickness. It doesn't sound like yours are effective.

Having prepared food in the fridge, even vegetable sticks so that you do t have to prepare anything and just have a nibble. Although I felt sick eating was really hard but once I ate within 20 mins the sickness subsided. Jacket potatoes were good to get enough nutrients in. And yes, plenty of rest. I found lying still the best, movement made it worse. I hope you get sorted. Much thoughts. Lucy

I've suffed hyporemesis when I was pregnant with my lo, I tried all of the recommended things (like ginger /gingerbisciuts, mints and some other) mine didn't stop until I was 30+wks i hated it but it was worth it because I got a beautiful baby whose now 3.

Morning ladies..As I'm in Spain my gynaecologist gave me Cariban to take once every 12 hours but as it makes me so drowsy I can only take it at night.

I'm heading back to the UK this week to see my GP so will see what they recommend.Im usually a really active person but now I can hardly get out of bed lol! I know it will all be worth it though 🤗

Hi foxy roxy I really sympathise you and know exactly how you feel i am 20weeks and I am still sick I think you have to see how you can manage your sickness slowly and one step at a time. I had sickness tablets too but they made me worse maybe try stopping them or ask your GP if you can have something else. Good luck with it its horrible I know stick in there! Xx

Supermummy you too! We will get through this 😃 Xx

I had all day sickness right until the day I gave birth. ( on my due date ) I took sickness tablets and had a few sickness injections too. I was diagnosed with HG and was signed off work 3 months before my mat leave started.

Good luck it's worth it x

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