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Back pain during pregnancy


What is best to take for back pain. It's getting worse so painful laying in bed walking around. Shall wait to speak to GP r midwives when I get appointment.

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I would use paracetamol ... anything else is not ideal in pregnancy as regards pain killers

As far as I know paracetamol is the safest pain med during pregnancy but always check with your midwife first. Ask your Dr for a referral to a maternity physiotherapist - I saw one & she was amazing! Also, pregnancy yoga can help immensley with aches & pains. Hope your back improves soon. Xx

Marim in reply to Jooles2017

Thank you yes will do that as much it can help working then come home and busy it doesn't help to back have any sort of rest


Marim in reply to Georgina_D

Have to see Becz my back it's just Killing me

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