Plz advice, m I pregnant or not

Hi,plz I need help and advice, I had my LMP on 3rd July 2017 and in the same month I was trying to conceive, I usually started having my periods late after marriage. So in August I expected that I have conceived as in the end of July I saw some IB...maybe m not sure if it was a bleeding, I have pregnancy symptoms but did a number of UPT but all negative. A blood test on 10th August that too negative,I visited the doc and doc said that m not pregnant n it is just due to weight gain u have missed your periods. I was not satisfied with that doc and went to another doc and she said the same.but I don't know, I m feeling like maybe I am pregnant. What should I relatives and family doc suggested me to wait and test again. Plz suggest something

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try another hpt as it has been almost a month since your blood test. If you r pregnant and if u conceived in July it should show up in your test.

hope you get the result you r wishing for. :)

Thanx for ur reply but tried another hpt again negative 😔

Yes wait gain , can cause pcod (polycystic ovarian disease ) ,a syndrome caused by wt gain harmonal imbalance , infertility& acne, masculine like hair growth like beard mustache etc, an USG and many test will show the cysts in the ovaries ,A good Gynaecologist report is a must ,to rule out the causes for delayed periods,

This happened to me a year back, same thing,I did a USG and my ovaries were fyn,everything normal and the doc said it's just because of stress u haven't got u r periods. But if u have pcod or pcos, do get sudden ache in your lower abdomen. Breast feels heavier then before and my always like I want something to eat. There is a whitish milk like liquid coming out of breastfeeding when my nippers are squeezed. What is this?

*coming out of my breast when my nipples are squeezed

Aches are linked to cysts on ovaries in your lower abdomen on either side. So are problems with periods. I would also be concerned about the discharge from your breasts. It would be far too early to have milk for it to be pregnancy related and can be a sign of something more serious. I would urge you to go see your GP and be open to suggestions that are not pregnancy related. A pregnancy test would be positive now at around 8 weeks. Good luck! X

You can test again... if you haven't had a period since July a test would show if you were pregnant or not. However the doctor is right is saying that weight gain/loss/exercise/stresss and lots of other things can upset your period. However if you still not getting a period this month I would ask for some basic blood tests to rule out your problems that can delay your periods

Okay thank u all

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