I'm about 5+ weeks pregnant(not to sure how many weeks yet) and I've been trying to get hold of a midwife for about a week and a half now. I'm going on holiday in just under two weeks and would love to ha e an appointment before I go but I keep ringing them and it just keeps saying the line is busy or that there was no reply. I'm really starting to get stressed out about it because I want to know if everything's ok. Any advice ?

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The first midwife appointment is usually by 10 weeks so if you do get hold of them they may get you to wait till after your holiday.

I got my midwife appointment through the gp surgery. Could you try to phone them to ask what the process is considering you can't get through?

The nhs choices website is a good place to start for information regarding what to eat and not eat. You should be taking a pregnancy multi vitamin. And hopefully your holiday is not to a zika destination. If its a long haul flight try to take all steps to avoid dvt.

Thank you for getting back to me, I've called the midwives and they said they will be contacting me within the next week or so. I understand there is a lot of strain and stress on the NHS but I'm just really anxious and stressed because I don't know how many weeks I actually am🤔 I'm going to Spain for 3 weeks and I've got Folic Acid to take. I'm just hoping I can get an appointment before my holiday x

Go through the doctors rarther than contacting midwife your self. Wouldn't worry if you haven't been seen before your holiday as first apt is normally 8-10 weeks then a scan at 12! Xx

I did go through the doctors and have heard nothing back so I've self referred myself to my chosen hospital xx yeah just abit anxious xx

Oh I'm following. Sorry! Must have missed that bit. Is there a midwife centre? At my GP they have there own office josh wondering if there's somewhere you can go and call in and see them in person xx

I got my scan letter through the door today so I'm much happier now!! But thank you for all your advice xxx

Midwifes are very difficultto get hold of you really can't rely on the NHS midwife. If you can try and go private. I've had lots of problems with my midwife. She is an utter cow! I haven't even met her yet and I'm 20weeks...I'm not saying yours will be the same but just be prepared...speak to your GP if your not getting anywhere. At the moment for me it feels like I don't have a midwife. They know how vulnerable we are and they play on it I think. We have one midwife in our village and I am having to go private because she hasn't bothered with me what so ever. Good luck with yours they're not bad!

Oh no sorry to hear that! I hope your new midwife is better! Yeah think I will see if I can go private! I know there is a lot of stress on the NHS but I'm a super anxious young mum who just wants to know how many weeks she is before I go on holiday for 3 weeks😫x

Ive just found out I am 6 weeks! I went to the doctors Monday and had a midwife appointment the next day! Which everyone has said that's really good because you usually have to wait weeks. Have you tried booking an appointment with the doctor? X

Yeah I have but ended up self referring myself xxx

Then my advice would definitely be to go and see your GP. That's what I would do. Good luck with it!

Wow. By 20 weeks you should have been scanned twice! That's awful and completely against NICE guidelines. They should be fitting you in somewhere in order to receive the proper care. You can look up the guidelines on the net and i would be making formal complaints and pointing at those guidelines until seen.

Do you know when you're last period was? That's how the doctor or midwife will

Calculate how any weeks you are. It's difficult not to be anxious but as long

As you're not bleeding or having severe pains you do not

Need to worry. The first scan is done around week 12 unless there are any problems. I would hold off getting a scan too early ... I had to in my first at around 5 weeks (was bleeding) and they couldn't see heartbeat as it was too early then had to have two weeks of torture waiting for a second scan which luckily was fine.

Thank god for that!! Yeah got my letter through to have a scan so it's all cool xxx

Hi Isabella1999..Which part of Spain are you going to? I live here and got a private app with a Dr in Marbella in 4 days after emailing him.I got my scan at 6 weeks 4 days and was relieved as it showed I had a short cervix and he put me on progesterone till I'm 10 weeks.You can just ring up here,get an appointment and the service is fantastic.If you're in my part of town let me know and il give you the Gynaecologists details xx

I'm going to Alicante but thank you so much! They have finally sent me my scan appointment so I'm much happier and relieved xx

That's good news :) I'm based half the time in Spain and half in UK so have to organise scans between the 2's a nightmare lol!

Enjoy your holidays..gorgeous weather here atm! 😎 xx

Thank you for your help though! And yes thank you! Xxx

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