Pregnant with chest infection or asthma?

I am now coming up to 19weeks pregnant and it has really been a rough ride for me from the start. It's been one thing after another from in and out of hospital with dehydration to sickness everyday to pain from fibromyalgia to having a cyst and then having fever in bed for 2weeks couldn't move heavy sweats!!!! And headaches! Which now has resulted to a chesty cough not being able to catch my breath. To cut a long story short I went into my doctor and she said I have a chest infection and gave me antibiotics which I was reluctant to take after reading the effects it could have on the baby things like epilepsy and all sorts of other I went to have a second opinion at another doctor who said I have asthma...he gAve me 2 inhalers a blue and a brown one...I am taking the blue one as I've heard that's safe but the brown one isn't from what I've read. I am still coughing and there are times I am out of breath which doctor should I believe..? Any advice ladies would be really appreciated !! X

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I don't think any body can give you an answer to that as you have to have medical experience to make a diagnosis. So your options are seeing another doctor, but since you don't want antibiotics or steroids or most medication maybe just try waiting it out

Thanks for your reply i am giving it 2weeks and seeing what happens then I will probably go back and see a doctor again....i find it disgraceful however how doctors are paid 6figure salaries and can't give you a proper answer..and you end up taking tablets you don't necessarily need and then you get other health issues that didn't exist in the first place. The NHS sucks! Can you believe I am 19weeks and I still haven't met my midwife how ridiculous is that! Thanks for your prompt reply though hun.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience but the NHS doesn't suck. That's an awful generalisation. Like every job there are people who are better than others firstly and as

I have first hand experience of the medicine as I work in the NHS making a medical diagnosis is not always straight forward.

If you lived in let's say America having a child can be an unaffordable luxury. My friend almost died after she delivered due a horrendous bleed and ended up in icu where the NHS saved her life. If there was no NHS she probably would

Be having to work the rest of her life to pay it off.

I'm not sure why you haven't seen a midwife yet at 19 weeks it's not usual. Most people

Get seen between 8-12 weeks first time. You should be due your second scan and a blood tests by now. Did you not register/get an appointment?

I agree America has it much worse than us but we shouldn't be comparing to the worse situations we pay enough taxes so we expect something in return it's not free. I guess living in a village area doesn't give me much options we are lucky to see a doctor it's usually a nurse and to get an appointment with a gp it's usually a 2...3..4 weeks who lives or dies in that space of time they don't care. I have seen a midwife once but she didn't really have a clue what she was doing because she was there for the day...we only have one midwife and ironically I've never met her or have a clue what she looks like...maybe I'll meet her after 9months. Other countries I've heard of have a much better health system which is really sad and people are sometimes traveling abroad to get treated as many GPS are frankly useless and I speak on behalf myself family and friends who have had similar experiences. Thanks for your reply though.

Just read this, that's really bad. Maybe try moving doctors? I did. Sometimes in My previous doctors I would be told there wasn't an appointment for 3 weeks! So I changed and now I can get one same day if I tell them it's an emergency. Every time I ring them I say I'm pregnant and having issues and they get me in within a couple of hours. It's annoying changing and takes about a week for them to register you but best thing I ever did. Have you been given a number for the midwifes? You should have your pregnancy book by now. I would call them and demand to be seen asap and have scans and checks don't take any prisoners!

Unfortunately we live in a village and we just have one doctor surgery and when I ring up for appointments they tell me you'll be seen by a nurse or a doctor and always get the nurse I emphasise I want to see a doctor but rarely get to. We are even considering in moving house because of not having a good health security here. As for not seeing the midwife we have now decided to go privately which is costing us an arm and a leg!!

Christ! That is bad, I would contact the council and tell them they might be able to do something about it. Go to hospital don't even bother with the doctors. Maybe if you tell them they can help you find another alternative

Thanks we will definitely be complaining about the midwife here not sure if it will get us anywhere but it's worth a try. Thanks again for your reply 😊

There are good and bad GP's out there are good and bad in any profession but it's not really what you are looking for. I would be tempted to try out another GP and potentially change GP surgeries. I didn't feel comfortable at my last surgery. It so happened that I moved to a completely different area after I met my husband 6 years ago and therefore had to move GP surgery. I now have a really good GP that I can trust.

I am pregnant too (16wks) and have asthma. I used to get a lot of chest infections although (touch wood!), non whilst pregnant. Have you looked into more natural remedies like steaming your head over a basin of hot water with a towel over your head? This should loosen the mucus and help ease the symptoms.

It does sound like you have a weakness in your chest and pregnancy can really bring out the symptoms as there is more pressure on these areas. Try not to get too disheartened and do look after yourself.

Thanks for the reply sorry to hear you too have asthma. It's so hard to deal with whilst pregnant. I use to have asthma as a child never as an adult it's only just come up now I'm pregnant. I really prefer natural remedies I will look into it. Thanks again 😊

Antibiotics for 2 weeks isn't going to do any long term damage to your baby. Medicine is evidence based and if that were the case pregnant women would only be prescribed antibiotics in extreme circumstances. If you have a bad infection it can actually be quite dangerous when you are pregnant as your immune system is weaker. I have seen pregnant women end up in ICU on ventilation from the flu. If your having trouble breathing I would really see a doctor again. Low oxygen saturation is not good for the placenta over a long period of time. It would certainly be a much higher risk than a two week course of antibiotics.

Thanks for your reply! I do understand what your saying I'm just unsure what it is. I started off with a fever and heavy sweats with coughing and breathing is alot better than what it was I don't have sweats or fever and the coughing is still there but not that frequent. I have just been taking my inhaler...what I'm worried about is if I have a chest infection and don't know it...and leave it untreated.

Asthma alone doesn't give you a high temperature or sweats.

Can a chest infection just go on its own?

My friend had a chest infection at 39 weeks, they didn't even offer her antibiotics just told her to wait it out. If it gets worse then take them. I've just finished a round of antibiotics and I'm pregnant, I know loads of people who take antibiotics during pregnancy and their babies are all healthy and happy no problems.

That's great thanks emmalou for your reply. I will wait and see if it gets worse then take them but try the inhaler first for a few weeks alone. Hope you get well soon too!!

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