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Pregnant or not Pregnant.. I'm not sure 😞😟

Hello everyone..My name is Jelly and I'm new to this. I might not know the correct terminology but bare with me. I'm 12 days late today, I've never been this late. Normally 2/3 days max but never 12. Ive tested myself 3 times already and it's always a BFN. Makes me feel disapointed everytime. I have period like pains, sore nipples, leg and lower back pain. Apparently they are all signs of early pregnancy. ARE they?? If they are why won't it show? I'm scared to test again because I don't want to see another BFN. 😔 I've always been healthy but now I think about what could be wrong with me if I'm not pregnant. Can someone please help me x

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Missing a period is not unheard of and is not normally anything worrying. It happens!

The symptoms you have can be pregnancy symptoms but

Also symptoms relating to hormones so symptoms does not mean you are def. pregnant. I'd wait to see if your next period comes

Or not. If it doesn't check again/see ur gp


Thank you for the info.. It has put my mind to ease. I think im not pregnant but i feel like there is something wrong. I have a scan on the 28th. Hopefully it's nothing serious. It might be just least I'm hoping it stress. Thank you for your support x


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