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I have now skipped my period this month.(august) I haven't had one since my extremely light almost non existent period in the first week of July. I have had a few negative home test and one negative blood test. Last home test was about a week ago, blood test was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. So that puts me just about 8 weeks ago since my last period. I've had some nausea in the morning. No actually throwing up tho. I have had light cramps fatigue and I'm really bloated and hard stomach. Has anyone had anything like this and found out they were pregnant or any other kinda condition? This would (if I am) my fourth pregnancy. First one was a misscarage second one I have a beautiful daughter from third one was a set of twin I lost early in the stages.

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This literally happened to me. I came off the pill and had very light/none existent periods for about 2 months, then came bigger sore boobs, fatigue, nausea and then a hard belly. I had no idea what was happening. I then took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was also 3 months along which was a shock so those light periods were sort of phantom. If the home tests are coming back negative maybe consider going to the doctor to see what your symptoms mean.


I went to the dr a few weeks ago and they did a blood test and that was also negative but I still haven't had a period and this isn't like me


On the NHS website it says that if you miss more than 3 months of periods then see a GP. It might be worth waiting until the time has lapsed and then revisit your GP for advise if your periods haven't returned.


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