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17 and might be pregnant?

Im 17, and have a normal cycle for a couple of years now. I started the pill a couple of months ago ( 6) its been 4 weeks since my last period but ive had spotting the last few weeks like last week i had one lot of blood then the week before another little bit. Im really careful me and my Boyfriend use a condom but once or twice ive forgotten to take my pill, could i be pregnant from pre cum ? p.s i am 6 days late im thinking of getting a test but i always over think these things could i be over thinking again?

UPDATE: i took a pregnancy test and it was negative

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If you are nothing using the pill correctly (if you forget more than two you are not safe) and you are not using condoms consistently then there is a chance. Unlikely but it's there. So get a test and stop wondering. If you're not pregnant I'd see your gp for more suitable contraception (skin or uterine implant)


Get a test and stop procrastinating, if you are then see your doctor. Your not alone and there is lots of help and advise if you are!


Get a test and find out for sure. There's no point worrying unnecessarily. Stress isn't good for you. If you're not pregnant you could just need to change your contraception. I had spotting when using one type of pill so changed and the spotting stopped. My doctor insisted I take a pregnancy test before he would change it though. If you're struggling to remember to take it, either set an alarm for a time of day that suits you or think about trying a different type of contraception - e.g. injection/implant/coil.


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