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When you expect to get an appointment with midwife


Hi everyone, we just found I've got pregnant on our 4th wedding anniversary! According to my last period, I am 5 weeks 1 day now. We saw GP the day after we found out the good news. We have five hospitals to choose, we visited them and made our final decision. I called and informed GP receptionist this morning. How long we will receive confirmation from hospital or midwife? Do I have to book appointment with my GP doctor in person?

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Congratulations! I'm 5weeks 3 days and I was told by my GP not to expect an appointment with the midwife until I'm 12 weeks preggers! All my other appointments will be made through the midwife. I'm yet to hear back from my local midwife even though I registered my pregnancy with them when I was 4weeks!

Hope this helps.

Thanks for quick reply! Congratulations to you too! How did you register with midwife directly? We are going to NYC for holiday in two weeks. My GP recommended me to go to do an early pregnant scan private after our holiday , we haven't decided yet.

I had to register with the midwife myself. I did an online application form. If your in a position to get an early private scan I say do it. It'll defiantly answer a lot of questions your might have.

Good luck.

Great thank you so muck! Have a good pregnancy :-)

It depends on your area. I would ask the gp receptionist if you have to book yourself with the midwife or if they will refer you. NHS choices websites is very good for info.

You don't need to have a scan, it's up to you. You will have an NHS scan at 12 weeks and 20 weeks if there are complications, otherwise they do extra scans.

Thanks, roxannacar! I am a bit worry because this is my first time pregnant and I am 36 yr old.

Of course it is your choice if you want a private scan. An early scan will only be able to tell you if baby's heartbeat is present it will not show anything else. So it depends what your concerns are re age.

There's no need to worry about your age. I can understand if this is your first but once you start seeing the mid wife regularly, going to scans, Going to antenatal classes things will start to feel more comfortable. then of the course the best part. Holding your little bundle of joy for the first time. Good luck Hun. Xx

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No need to worry. I'm 38 but will be 39 by the time my first little one makes an appearance. I do get referred to as a geriatric mother-to-be! (Anyone over 35 is, so I was told at the hospital) Although my midwife never gave it a 2nd thought as she is looking after ladies well into their 40's. The hospital just keep a closer eye on us 'old' mums and I've been very happy with everything so far. Just try to keep your fluids up (I did get ltd of headaches but drinking much more has cleared them up) and take regular light exercise so that you're fit and healthy. Good luck and all the very best.

Ask your GP surgery. They usually refer you to maternity services and a midwife should contact you to make your booking appointment by week 10, your should have your first scan week 12 -14.

Midwife will give you a book and explain further appointments.

Thanks, Georgina

Congratulations. I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my third and as always have to wait for 12 weeks before we see midwife. Once you've seen her then everything will finally get started. I can't wait for my first scan. Good luck. Xx

Thanks, LindsayB24, have a great pregnancy

Congratulations! I was advised by my GP on the phone that as long as I'm in not experiencing any bleeding and am taking folic acid that I can self refer to the midwife. I did this online and had an appointment and my maternity notes/screening booklet in the post within 10 days. I'll be seen at 8wks + 4 for my booking appointment tomorrow and understand scan will be 12-14 weeks x

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Great information with time schedules, thanks, I found self referral too, I did last night myself! Have a great pregnancy!

which hospital did you choose? I can’t make my mind up

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St Heliers

HappyBurridge in reply to MrsTT

St Heliers, my first book in appointment next Monday- my full 10 weeks, first scan on 23 October- full 12 weeks

Don’t know where that is. I live in Kew and have 4 hospitals to choose from. I’m already 10 weeks and haven’t even chosen a hospital

HappyBurridge in reply to MrsTT

I m 9 week 5 days today, I chose the one second closest to me, easy drive routes. I m 36yr old first pregnant, my GP recommended me not go with private but go with bigger hospital with A&E department

MrsTT in reply to HappyBurridge

I called my gp to let them know I was pregnant, they didn’t want to see me unless I was worried. Asked me to refer myself to a hospital

HappyBurridge in reply to MrsTT

That's bad, no worries! Self referral is quicker. Nhs website insert your postcode, find those listed hospitals by distance, google them for reviews, I think they should pretty much the same for basic. If you and your partner are interested to visit, just go to quick visit. If not I choose one the closest, not much traffic any time, go to that hospital website fill self referral form, or phone it directly, job done!

MrsTT in reply to HappyBurridge

Thank you’ I’m searching now but I have very mixed reviews.

I got r a letter from hospital within two weeks. I called hospital after one week to check if they got my online form, the receptionist even told me they got my first scan date, but no appointment date yet, I got two letters within two letters to confirm bookin appointment and first scan. I received mobile phone auto reminder for my appointment this week too.

Mine hospital too, everyone have different view and opinion, you need to book one this week. Don't leave too late. Hope everything is going smoothly



Ifound out at around a similar time and made an appointment with my GP. She gave me a very quick health check before giving me the number for the midwives. I had to arrange the appointment myself and saw her at around week 8. I then had to wait until week 12 for my first scan. I found it all very difficult at the beginning as I felt like I was waiting forever as only myself and my husband knew. It's difficult keeping it all a secret until the first scan as I wanted to know everything was ok.

As others have said, each area will differ slightly.


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