First scan.

At what stage is your first baby scan? I've been to my GP and she is sending all the relevant forms to the hospital, it it just a matter of sitting tight for the first 12/20 weeks?


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  • I had a early scan at 8 weeks coz I had complications with my pregnancy back 2012. And I had my 12 week scan last Monday and everythink is fine

  • Usually it's 12w.

    Mine was 13,5w.

    Hold on tight!

  • Ahhh the suspense is killing me 😆

    Thanks for the replies hope all goes well 😊

  • 12weeks on nhs but places do private ones for about £79 if you can't wait. It's a blob with heartbeat till about 10 weeks

  • Its around 12 weeks i had to wait ages just get my booking appointment through as you have that first then the scan lol think it was 13-14weeks before i actually had it then they book you in for next one on your way out around 20weeks thats when you can find out the sex thats the only two you get from nhs you can go private sometimes they do deals x

  • Once I saw my GP to tell her I was pregnant, I was referred to the midwife who saw me at about week 7-8. The GP has very little to do with me regarding my pregnancy and the midwife takes over. She will sit with you for about an hour to take your full medical history, works out roughly how far you are and arranges first scan at approximately 12 weeks, and again at 20 weeks. It's then the midwife team and hospital who look after you every step of the way. It may seem a long wait until the first scan but unless you have any medical issues, there's no need plus you won't really see much. The first scan is purely to determine that the baby is good and well, and to take measurements to accurately calculate how far on you are. I was an extra week and a half further on than originally calculated. I also had blood taken to test for Down syndrome etc.

    It's all very exciting but worth the wait! Take care.

  • Depending on where you live. My first midwife appointment is in week 9 I believe first scan is week 12 with NHS, but if your concerned there are private clinics that offer scans at reasonable prices. I've had 3 MC so we're having an early scan. We're in the waiting period too. Can be nerve wrecking x

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