I want a July baby

When should I be trying in order to get a end of June or beginning of July baby? Could any help please...... My cycle is normally 28-30 long and first day of my last period is 22nd August.


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  • There is no accurate science to this, aka just because to try to get pregnant a particular month doesn't mean you will. But to be due around June/July you would have to Conceive around 30th September. So after your September period, during the fertile period after (10-16 days after)

  • Thank you. I know there's no guarantee but one can only try :)

  • We conceived over my ovulation last year on 25th September and baby was born this year at 39w4d on 15th June. I was hoping he'll stay in extra 2 weeks and I'll give birth on 1st July, but baby knew when he was ready. Can't argue with Mother Nature...

    Best luck!

  • What difference does it make if baby is born in June or July? Just curious

  • Really none, Roxanna 😂

    I wanted my baby be born in July because of one very special person who's birthday is on 1st- just would be extra special for both of them.

    My partner wanted to plan baby to be born in Sept or October - advantage to be oldest in the class therefore hopefully smartest as brain could be more developed than someone who's born in August next year.

    Now our child will be one of youngest as it happened unplanned. But I said to my partner: my sisters birthday is in May and she was always smartest in her class, and one of the smartest girls in my class were born in August / basically year younger than someone in my class who was born year before in September... so I think it does not really matter.

    Personally I love my June baby- I was able to wear few summer maternity clothes and did not needed to wrap up my baby first months of his life.

    And birthday in summer can be more fun - park, pool, sea side.

  • Lol my first was born in December and this one due end of October lol so maybe oldest in class but def needed wrapping up when born. Mine were both planned but honestly I was just wanting to get pregnant ASAP (lol I had just turned 30 so panicked!) so didn't really think what month they'd be born in lol so much for planning

  • LOL 😂

  • Well I didn't plan for the first two. By coincidence one was spring n the other was autumn so I thaught may be this time I should plan for summer ☺

  • OMG. It's amazing how much pressure two little numbers can add to the lives of us women.

  • Do you mean turning 30? Unfortunately that's biology ... Not that 30 is the end of the road but as a woman I wouldn't wait till 40+ if you want children. It's sad because some people don't find a partner before then or are ready then. And it's annoying when some men are still fertile at 70! Although I wouldn't dream looking after a baby at 70... Phew hard work at 30 let alone! Not to mention all the other issues that come witg

  • Don't care about June or July just want a summer baby ☺

  • So true my first one was 5 weeks early...... Thank you ☺

  • Count 40 weeks before your desired date. Your last period should be around this date. But remember you cannot be 100% sure when you ovulate and babies can arrive early or late.

  • Thank you. I'll try and see and see if it works for me. Unfortunately there's no guarantee.

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