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Feeling exhausted

Hello guys from a newbie! 👋

Recently found out I'm about 5 weeks pregnant (off to gp's tomorrow to get it confirmed) and am really struggling with the symptoms already. I feel exhausted to the point where I'm only awake a few hours a day. Struggling to eat with nausea, sickness and diarrhoea popping their ugly head up, which in turn doesn't help with the exhaustion. Caught a cold on the weekend and have now lost my voice and hearing! Have taken the last week off work from feeling so awful but feel like I should be able to cope like so many other women do going through this. Anybody got any hints or tops to help me through this period? Praying it gets easier soon! Thanks!

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Hi welshlady87

Congratulations on your news.

I'm exactly the same,found out on Friday I'm 3 + weeks and going for my first scan this Thursday :)

I'm suffering terrible sickness 24/7 but what helps are ginger capsules and lemonade.I try and eat sardines on toast and last night had a bowl of pasta and olive oil which seemed to help me.Salt and Vinegar crisps as well :) I have a fiancée who is a fitness fanatic and is trying to cram protein shakes down my throat but the smell just makes me barf 🤢 lol

It's amazing how tired I feel so early on but for the first time in my life I'm getting 8 hours plus sleep a night and I'm enjoying it! Xx

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It is perfectly normal to feel like this in case you wondered that there is something wrong.

I congratulate you on your happy news and wish you all the best. At this stage you are growing EVERYTHING, it can be exhausting. Book a GP appt and take him along, explain to the GP you are exhausted.There is nothing they can do really except check iron levels, but they will explain it's normal and generally hearing it from a professional convinces people.

When I was like you, I felt anything like myself again what with tiredness, sickness etc. Sorry that's probably not what you want to hear right now! It took a long time and quite a few arguments/tears before my family realised I was not being lazy.

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