I don't know what's happening

After being to the loo, ive noticed brown discharge, when I wiped there was blood. - I am only 5/6 weeks pregnant, is this a bad thing? I'm really anxious anyway, and extremely nervous incase anything has happened. I'm really scaring myself.

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MeganLilly, it's prudent you urgently consult your doctor.

I've contacted 111, still waiting for a GP to ring me back

Omg so scaring the poor woman, bleeding is never normal in pregnancy ut can be down to a number of things brown blood is old and if it's a little probably implantation bleeding you can also have pockets of blood trapped near uterus, you should always get bleeding checked out however most cases are safe, this would be the more advisable message to send to you I bled after having sex every time and I had loads of blood at 9 weeks with clots and I have a 6 month old so you should be fine

Thank you, 111 told me to ring them back if it gets worse, and just take paracetamol if the pain gets worse. - but just said it's normal, and if I'm concerned to book an appointment to see my GP Monday. After a 5 and a half hour wait it's made me feel so stupid, but I don't feel right xx

I had Brown discharge with this pregnancy. I got booked for an early scan at 7 weeks and everything was fine. I am now 38 weeks pregnant. You should always get checked with bleeding but most likely implantation bleeding if it's brown with no real pain.

I am also having bleeding, do I wait for my GP tomorrow or do I go hospital If it's still on going

It depends how much you are bleeding. If you are bleeding a large amount see someone today. Also if

You have pains in your tummy. If it a small amount of brownish blood you can wait till

Tomorrow and speak to gp to get booked for an early scan. I had a fair amount of spotting in my first and turned out to be fine.

Thank you, the pain is only like an ache in my stomach no sharp pains, I'll keep an eye on it today.

Just so scary

Is it pain in your Abdoman or cramping in your uterus like a period feeling? And as above depends on how much your in pain and bleeding don't feel silly your baby is most important of you don't feel right to go a and e or your local early pregnancy unit xxx

It feels like period feeling, which I've read can be normal, so keeping an eye on myself today. - but if I get too bad I'll be going straight to the hospital, always thinking the negative which isn't helping me xxx

The cramping will be your uterus stretching an d bleeding is implantation bleeding I'm 99% sure, I had this at the same time 5-6 weeks if it does get worse go straight to your nearest ane but you sound fine although I'm not a medical professional

Thank you, I'm sure I'm fine, I've done so much research and 111 said it's nothing to really really worry about. This is the first lot of bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy which I think scared me the most.

It is so worrying at this stage and it doesn't get easier every time I went to the toilet up until I gave birth I was checking for blood, it's a first indication of a problem of course your going to be scared, I bled at 5-6 weeks then a massive bleed at 9 weeks then from 22 weeks pregnant I was banned from having sex from the hospital because I had an abnormal cell growth on the outside of my womb that got irritated everytime me and my partner were intimate hahah it's never easy but you should be fine just take a paracetamol for the cramping and wait it out if your still bleeding tomorrow go and get checked xxx

Thank you for being so helpful, I really appreciate it :-) xxx

No problem is a hard time through till 20 week and I'd rather give you the right advice than panic you my dear thats not good for baby

I really appreciate it, I'm still bleeding, but not lots but the brownish colour has gone, I have my midwifes number so I may give her a call tomorrow to see what her advice could be, I'm extremely paranoid, and so worried I've lost my baby

Kindly get checked as soon as is possible. Circumstances aren't always the same for everyone. Atleast for you peace of mind, please get checked.

Yes I will be, I'll be contacting my doctors tomorrow and speaking to my midwife tomorrow even for just a peace of mind, as my first midwife isn't until the 7th and I can't wait that long.

Just want to thank everyone for the advise, first time pregnancy, so I'm really not sure on what's normal and isn't normal (I know every pregnancy is different), but I done a test which showed I was approx 1-2 weeks, which can mean 4-5 weeks doctors terms, so finding out so early on, has made me such a worrier because it feels like months till the first appointment let alone a scan to actually see if anything is actually growing

You do right, it's always best to double check that's what they're there for, xx

How are you feeling today xx

I had my appointment this morning, and he said he was going to contact my local hospital to see what they think, just had a phone call to say I've got an appointment at 2:15 today, so I've not stopped crying, and fearing the worse, they will be doing an early scan. I just hope my baby is still there, and not going anywhere xx

Keep the faith that all shall be well.

how are you feeling? All OK? My prayers for you.

Feeling better after being to my EPAC, had both type of scans completed, but also too early to tell, but we could see something tiny in there, so I'm not in the safe zone, but also not in the danger zone, nature will play its game and hopefully it will play nicely and fairly with me, so I have everything crossed and next week we can see a little more

OK hope everything goes well.. stay calm and take care.

I know there's nothing I can do, so I just need to keep everything crossed that there's an improvement

You will be fine, at 5-6 weeks there's not much you can see they Donthave a heart beat till 6-8 weeks I had an early scan at 8 weeks and I could barely see anything it was size of a 50p

Yeah, I feel better now I know that baby is still in there. And that I got to see it on a screen (even though it was teeny tiny) the bleeding as slowed down too, so I'm hoping for good news!!

Hoping for the best for you my dear keep is updated xxx

I have everything crossed, and I know there's not much I can do but I need a good meal, and an early night so that's my evening sorted thank goodness xxx

Just wanted to update you all... had my second early pregnancy scan yesterday, and unfortunately my pregnancy is no longer happening as I miscarried. - when you have a gut feeling, but your mind is telling you that you still have symptoms but you know, but hearing it makes it so much worse, but as the nurse said it's one of those things, nothing you could of done to help or prevent this from happening, but I need someone to blame, and you do feel like it's your own fault, walking out the hospital, you notice every pregnant person, even more so now, and even worse when you have to walk past the maternity unit ward and seeing people walking in and out full of excitement after seeing their little bundles on a screen.

I hope everyone on here a very steady and positive journey, good luck and enjoy :-)

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