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Hi all, I am new to this site.

I found out two days ago that I am expecting my first baby. I am approximately 5 weeks in. The only symptoms that raised my suspicion was having tender breasts for well over a week when it usually only happens a few days before a period, and also rather a lot of trapped wind which results in some pretty uncomfortable abdominal pains at times. Then when the period never came I went and bought a test and well, here I am.

I have started taking Pregnacare tablets and have now started trying to take care of what I eat....this is a first for me. I am making a note of what foods are good for both of us and which to avoid etc. I'm curious though, when do cravings start and what cravings did you all have? Also, when does 'morning sickness' start and how bad was it for you and for how long?



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  • Hello and congratulations! I had my first this may and like you, I had many doubts. First you need to go to your gp or surgery to schedule to see a midwife, this usually takes a while so don't be worried if you're not seem until 12 weeks.. you will have scans at 15 and 20 weeks. Regarding morning sickness everyone is different, I only had like 1 or 2 weeks of it when I was around the 3 months... but I read that some people in here had it almost all pregnancy... regarding food I was eating everything still just not liver (too high on vit A) or drinking coffee and eating everything well done.. but see on the nhs site they have recommendations... I didn't had any cravings probably because I was still eating everything, well I craved for a runny egg... it was the first thing I cooked after he was born.. I had a very calm pregnancy and it was very helpful in labour as well... it's the first so inform yourself the most you can so you can be more relaxed when the time comes...

    Good luck!

  • Thank you so much. It's strange about the vitamin A. I've heard a lot about that but my mum had cravings for liver when she was carrying my brother and ate loads of it. My brother turned out fine. Probably best to avoid it to make sure though. Thankfully I'm not a drinker of coffee or tea etc so I don't have to worry about that.

  • Congratulations! With my son I just felt sick from about week 7 to week 14 when it suddenly just stopped. The tiredness was the worst thing. I never had any real cravings. This time I was sick a lot from week 6 to around week 13 when it started to fade. Again I haven't had any real cravings!

  • Thank you :) I have noticed i'm very tired lately. Started having 30 minute naps now in the middle of the day.

  • I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first. I haven't had any sickness or cravings. I have been told that cravings are normally caused by your body being deficient in something. I have just eaten what I want with this pregnancy (minus the stuff on the nhs website that says I should avoid).

    Have a look at normal vitamins rather than expensive pregnancy vitamins, you just need to make sure it doesn't have Vit A. Make sure you're taking 400mg Folic Acid.

    You should have a midwife appointment around 10 weeks and have a 12 week and 20 week scan. Visit your gp to get a referral to thr midwife team.

    Tiredness was the worst for me. It was like jet lag and a hangover mixed together.

    Good luck!

  • Congratulations. It's a lovely experience. I am very tired but taking short naps in the day to try and help. Good luck :)

  • Hi JaffaTang and Congratulations! I just found out today on my 38th Birthday were expecting our first :) Im 3 + weeks.It's such a great feeling!

    Morning sickness was the major symptom that made me think I was pregnant.I wasn't rushing to the loo or having sore breasts but for the past 4 days I'd completely lost my appetite.Even now I am only able to stomach ginger tea.

    I am using ginger capsules as well but from the moment I wake up till I go to bed I feel so queasy.Does anyone have any advice on what helps?

    Thankyou :)

  • What a lovely present! Congratulations!

  • Thankyou KellyTrip :) No cake for me..I can only stomach baked beans lol

  • Try small regular meals. Letting yourself get hungry can make things worse. I found high carb things were the easiest to eat

  • Thank you and congratulations to you also. What a lovely birthday present for you both. I had noticed my sense of smell was extremely strong, especially with smells I don't like. My partner was having a banana sandwich last night and I couldn't go near him lol. I don't like bananas at the best of times! I've been told dry food such as toast or plain digestive biscuits help with nausea.

  • Yes JaffaTang I must get some dry biscuits 🍪 I hope this passes partner drinks protein shakes everyday and the smell of these is enough to make me very nauseous.

  • Thankyou so much for your advice roxannacar :) il try that

  • I had mood swings within a week of conception but preg tests kep saying negative! I felt dizzy after the gym (1 week after period due) did test which was positive.

    You must remember everyone's different but for me:

    No sickness. A bit further nausea and loss of appetite weeks 7-9. Only wantrd to eat cheese, bread, cereal and fruit until week 10. Extremely sleepy week 9-10.

    No cravings until week 25, cakes, crisps, biscuits, anything fried mmmm :)

  • Congratulations its so cleche but every pregnancy is different yes folic acid is a good think to be on you an get healthy start vitamins when you see the doctor aswell i barely had any morning sickness at all but some have it really bad usually settles by 12-16weeks i suffered from back pain in the second and third trimester probably from being on my feet all day i wouldnt say i had any cravings either i went off a few things hot drinks especially stay away from any illnesses i would advise i had norovirus twice during pregnancy and that was the worst thing ive ever experienced haha sit back and enjoy i was so confused about what happens next etc but theyll give you a book that has every stage of your pregnancy in an when you should be going for certain appointments and check ups the first step is go to see your doctor then it will be your booking appointment and then your 12 week scan good luck xx

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