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gestational diabetes

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hi im 33 weeks pregnant with my second child , my first pregnancy i was a healthy weight but this time i was sent for a glucose test as i had a high bmi , i was tested last week but lost my phone so have not been contacted by them yet but today recieved 6 appointments to see a consultant , even an appoinment 6 weeks after my due date , has any one else had gestational diabetes are there alot of hospital appointments to attend ?

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It's normal to have increased number of appointments. You might need extra scans too. And they'll probably check if you diabetes is still present post delivery or if things went back to normal

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awh thank you , yes im waiting on more scan days to come threw , just no ones actually confirmed ive got diabetes yet just a pile of appoinments threw the post

I've not had the diabetes tests but on the 20wk scan had a low lying placenta and conceived via ivf. At the consultant appointment last week all of a sudden I have enough appointments to keep me busy! 30, 34 and 38 week growth scans plus another at 32weeks for placenta position. Throw in the midwife appointments and I'm in practically every week!

Guess like with you, anything a bit iffy and they have you in to keep an eye on things as a precaution. It's a bit odd though after having very little care in early pregnancy x

hi i had it with both my boys. Usually there is a long 3 hour appointment, to go through the kit, explain the diet, and maybe have a growth scan. you have to keep a little diary of fingerprick tests before and after each meal that need to be kept within certain ranges. You follow a low GI diet. You will either be diet or insulin controlled depending on your readings. for me my appointments were every 2 weeks. Which was hard for me with work and the school run. when you've delivered they usually stop any drugs your on for it as it dissapears. They will monitor the baby to check their blood sugar levels and that's about it. Nothing to worry about really as long as your sensible with diet and be careful with the sweet stuff. 😊

Hiya, have a look on Facebook for gestational diabetes uk. They are so helpful.

I had appointments every 2 weeks and missed potatoes sooo much

Hi when I had my glucose test and found our I had gestational dieteties at 29week I thought the exact same the truth is there are alot of appointments and check ups I've been having appointments every Tuesday and I'm now 39weeks pregnant they also do more scans to monitor growth of baby and your health I know it seems alot and it and it gets annoying the further you get on in your pregnancy but it's nice to know there looking our for you and I must admit I've been taken care of very well and had alot of advice on diet and my baby boys health hope this helps hun xxx

I've been told high blood sugar levels in mother cross the placenta and become fat in baby. That's why they offer extra scans to make sure baby is not getting too chunky!

wow soo interesting

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