Please help x

Please help x

Can I get some help please im 7 days late done this test Monday say I im pregnant then tuck one today to make sure as it was very light said I'm not pregnant anyone had this before as it's be my first time thanks xx

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I can see a very faint line I'd say that's a positive too x

I know i can i tuck a diffet one today say im not so I don't no now lol

How odd! Maybe take one of the first reaponse ones that are more sensitive. Or to save money go to the docs who will do a test or arrange a blood test x

I know yh i will thanks for replying x

That looks like a positive test to me... did you use the first wee of the day to test today? It may be that there just wasn't enough hormone in your urine today to come back positive but that doesn't mean you're not pregnant x

I did that Monday at half 7 at night then i did a diffunt test Tuesday and today both said no x

Did you use the same type of test or a different one?

Different one

Looks positive to me mine was exactly the same then i took a digital blue and it said 2 weeks pregnant might just be really early days and thats why its so faint x

Yh im 8 days late I do digital blue to make sore x

I can see a faint line.. do you any have 4 days late and no symptoms yet , i get negative test. did you get positive straight away ,did you test previous days??

I'm 8 days late my lower back hurts feel yuk at times


Get a digital one and use first morning tribe to be sure

I can also see a faint line I'd re test Hun again

Get a dollar store test also digital tests are less sensitive blue dye tests can bleed making it look positive try to stick to pink dye tests

Any update hun? Im intrigued what the outcome was x

Hi no not yet doing test tomorrow I'm 11 days late

Ahh good luck :)

Thanks let u know

did you take test? did you went to GP for blood test? am 8 days late and no symptoms ,just having white discharge .GP is not taking blood test and asking me to wait..did you get new symptoms as days past by?

Hi yh did test today says im not pregnant i will be going GP

OK, hope they do something.,.,good luck:)


Hey Hun , Any updates please ??Did you take any more test ??

Hi yh done one and I im not pregnant

Holy god what's that faint line then ??? Sorry about that , good luck next time . Did you get your periods ,??

Godnoss no not yet

Awww ok good luck with your future try..


hey ya..any updates please? did you do any test or your period came?

Hi did test still says im not pregnant but still no period

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