All I want to do is sleep

I am now 12 weeks 2 days and all I want to do is sleep.

Is it normal to just want to sleep

Will I get my energy back

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I felt like that with my second pregnancy, would go to bed at 8pm everyday! My energy was much better during the second trimester. I'd mention to your midwife as to check your blood levels for iron

Your tired because your body is creating something wonderful! My wife was like it with both ours, but she got loads of energy back as she got used to it. As a father of two I can assure you tiredness comes with the job description. Keep going and you'll be fine!


You will feel like this for about another 2weeks, well depends on your body but I felt awful from about 10weeks all the way up to 16 and half weeks pregnant.😩 It was horrible i couldn't do anything at all. I was so drained and felt sick constantly, that mostly I was bed bound and sofa bound and when I did go out as soon as I got in I feel asleep straight away for about 8 hours. However!!!!😍 I'm 19 weeks on Tuesday and I have never had so much energy in my life, just give it abit more time and you'll be up on your feet ready to go! xx

Thank you that really helped

That was me too during the whole first trimester. It's better now in the second but I still have the occasional nap because I'm not sleeping well at night.

Oh cool

Does get easier then gets worse toward Ms laboure dY I'm afraid you body eats more and more energy the last 4 weeks before I gave birth I was sleeping fro 8pm till 11am hahah

Oh girll yess! Im 14 weeks and now im more awake but when i was 12 weeks all i did was take naps😂 It gets better! 😘

I was the same - it was awful but it really will pass very soon for you xxxx im 32 weeks now and my energy levels went back to normal when i was about 14 weeks . Just make sure you get plenty of rest - your body will let you know when your energy is back to normal levels xxxxx

Thanks everyone for your help

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