How far along were you?

Alright, this is a question for all of you ladies that have been pregnant in the last year and had your pregnancy confirmed by your OB/Gyn...

How many weeks late/what cycle day were you when you confirmed you were pregnant, after having negative tests at home?


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  • I have a 32 day cycle. I felt pregnant within a week of doing the deed (mood swings and hot flushes) but kept getting negative results.

    I did another pregnancy test day 36 (4 days after period due) which showed faintly positive.

    My GP accepted my home test and referred me to midwifery services. I had my booking appointment week 9, then medical confirmation of pregnancy at 12 week scan.

  • That's pretty quick! You must be quite in-tune with your body. And yup, a faint pos is still a pos! Thank you for sharing 😊

  • First time round I got a positive before my period was due. I ended up having a miscarriage. Second time (my son) was straight after that and got a positive 2 days after my period was due then this time I got a positive attitude week early! I have a 35 day cycle though.

  • That was quick too! I'm asking out of curiosity, as I wonder how accurate HPT's are these days. I've read some forums with women who didn't get a positive HPT until cd48-56 or about 8-12 weeks!

  • I hadnt long come off contraception i think it was about 4 months afterwards so i didnt really know my cycle that well but i assumed i would be due on the week i took the test i just decided to take a test there was no reason for it apart from i had been trying to concieve and it was positive to my surprise!

  • It was a really faint line i have to add i sent a picture of it to my sister who went out and got a clear blue digital one straight away through excitement haha i dont know what made me take it i must have just known deep down i only had the test because someone at work put it in my tray as a joke (i didnt see what was funny about it though haha) so i thought sod it ill use it 😂

  • Haha! That's fantastic! I hear that sometimes women just know!!

  • Yeh i think you can sense it very early days like a couple of weeks i was only 2 weeks gone when i took it thats what the digital one said and the doctors agreed x

  • Hi, nice question

    well, as I used egg donation I got to know that I'm pregnant in 10 days. I bought two digitals they showed very faint line, then I did a blood test and it confirmed my expectations. At first i could not believe it all has happened to me. My previous pregnancies were ended up with miscarriages. That was just awful and devastating, I've almost lost my faith.

    I was trying for so long so this pregnancy is the best what I have. I'm blessed by got with my two little boys.

    Good luck to all here


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