Ovalution time

What are the symptoms of ovalution?i want to know every one of you,s sign so that I can relate mine😊

With lots of love


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  • Pinky, often times the first sign of the fertile week is change in cervical mucus. As you reach ovulation, the cervical mucus will resemble stretchy egg whites. You may also experience pain on one side of your abdomen when ovulation occurs. You may also notice a significant increase in your libido. Some women track their basal body temperature, and will notice a change when they ovulate. Other women may not notice any changes in their body, it's different from woman to woman.

  • I am having slight abdominal cramps and clear white substances coming out of my vagina.i think I am ovaluting 🤗 and would go on trying

  • You could be! Ovulation varies by the length of your full menstrual cycle. You have a "fertile window" of 6 days in which your cervix will release the egg white mucus in that timeframe to give sperm an easy and safe mode of travel. Sperm can survive up to 5 days, so it's time to BD! Good luck!

  • Thank u 😊hoping for the best

  • Around mid cycle I'm full of energy, able to push myself hard at the gym, clear vaginal discharge, amazing skin, wanting sex all the time..

  • Thanks for sharing ur experience

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