16 weeks pregnant and already looking big

Hi evryone, i juat hope you will be able to help with ideas. I am 16 weeks pregnant, my first time to get prgannt( well i fell pregnant in 2015 and it was ectopic, which let to my right tube being removed). Since 2016 september my husband and I have been trying for a baby with bo luck. We xonsulted in january and i was put on clomid. I ovulate normaly on my own but still the dr put me on clomid. It was such a roller coaster, first month with 50g dose it didnt work out and he upped the dose to 100g second month. The side effects where unbearable. I gained like 8kg in just 2 weeks and i became sick qith hyperoverstimulation( i hope i said it correctle). But i produced a lot of matured folicles which were realy big and i had to be admited in hospital. He reduced the dosagw in march and it was our last attemped before we move to the next step. I foced him to send me to do HSG test which i did on the 29th of march. I gained a total of about 13kg in just 3 months i was on clomid. APRIL i saw my periods and just figured out the hsg didnt work either. All thou the periods were light and short like 3 days while m bormaly 5 to 7 days and heavy. In msy my periodd never came and i kept on having paind like i felt wen i had ectopic. I went to see a GP who also suspected ectpoic. But i went to ser a gynae who confirmed my pregnancy as normal. What a relief. So now my problem is i frel so huge. I have gained a total of 17kg since january 2017 and it is so depressing. My stomach looks so huge and evryone keeps on telling me im carrying twins. I am alao looking like a pig. And my husband has bern so distant. He doesnt even spend time with me. He is alwayd out lately and he doesnt even touch me anymore. This is so frustrating and i just find myself crying evryday. He always tell me m being paranoid wenever i complain to him. And i am do insecure. The most frustrating thing is dat i do not seem to have control over my body and my emptions anymore. I am way too emotional and cry over evry small thing he does. Whenever he goes out i cry because he no longer goes out with me. This is affecting us big time. But i feel he shiuld be supportive. I never had any morning sickness at all and i am eating all sorts of food. I was very concious of food i ate before. And would always eat a low car diet and exercise but now i sem to be eating more cabs .itd the only food that realy satisfy my hungry and im scared i will gain evrn more weight. I am also woried that people think i am carryinh twind. Almost evryone i meet. Even my mother. But i went for my 14 weeks scan it showed 1 baby. Is it posible that a twin could still be hiding?? I dont think i can cope with twins. Plus i am consideringnleavjng my husband because i just feel like he doesnt want me anymore. Ladies please help. Am i the only onegoin thu this emotinal toll??.


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  • Hello! I am 15+3 days and I already have a big ish bump. I am only small and before I got pregnant I was 8 1/2 - 9 stone so everyone was telling me I wouldn't be big etc but this week everyone has been commenting on how big I am considering how early it still is. This is my first pregnancy too so I'm surprised I'm actually showing so soon! I wouldn't worry and embrace it!! Also I think your partner should be more

    Supportive after everything you've been through too!! Have you tried sitting down and talking to him about how you feel. Don't worry about crying all the time it's the story of my life ATM!! I'm an emotional wreck! Hope you are ok xx

  • Ljg1991

    Thanx for your reply. I have tried to talk to him and it doesnt seem to help. He says i complain too much. I just dind it hard to keep quiye about how he has been acting lately. And wenever i do he storms out and leav the house. Thank God m not the only one crying. Everyone keeps telling me my husband will comearound wen the baby is born but i want him to be there now.

  • Hello dear,

    Gaining weight and being emotional are part of preganancies that we all go through. So please do know that you are not alone in this dear...

    In regard to your partner, i am very sorry to hear that he is not being very supportive when you need him the most. You may speak to your midwife about your feelings and pain they will definitely suggest you a way and will give you strong support.

    I strongly believe you are going to be a brave mummy.

    Wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy...

  • Thanks a lot. It ia good to know that i am not alone in this. Will talk to my midwife

  • It's all a normal part of pregnancy I'm afraid. I was the opposite to you in that I didn't show until 8 months. Every baby bump is different and maybe your just carrying in the front more that I was. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Thanx blackrose. I so wish this can be over soon n get my life back. Coz i feel like i dont hv control over my life anymore n my emotions.

  • Hi dear , I hope things get better for you very soon like today! Try reading some books to exercise your brain! Crying can be normal,before I found out I was pregnant I was so sick from morning sickness I started crying and asking my boyfriend what's wrong with me! Literally I was sick all day not just the morning! Thankful my boyfriend has lots of patience for me because I complain daily! He's very supportive to me and try to make me feel better all the time! My stomach got big quick also and I was thinking I'm having twins! I have my first ultrasound in 2 more days! Good luck to you dear, hugs and kisses 😘

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