Pregnant no call from midwife

Did two tests a week ago both were positive. Rang midwife Monday morning explained that I believe I'm pregnant and also that due to having two periods within 18 days of each that I believed I could either be 5 or as much as 8 weeks already as my cycles are all over the place. I still haven't heard back from midwife even though I rang back Wednesday and got told midwife who I will be assigned to picked up her messages. Should I ring again or wait also explained about cramping but no bleeding ( know a certain amount is normal)

Think I'm anxious about getting sorted as have 13 month old twins also.


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  • congratulations. :)

    have you tried your local children's Centre? They can put you in touch with midwife. I did that with both my pregnancies.

  • Thanks I would never of thought of that. I have visions of having my dating scan and already being 14 weeks. I was over 13weeks my first pregnancy and didn't have all these issues.

  • Try calling the doctors make a regular doctors appointment and see them they will book you in with a midwife whilst yout sat there through there computer system or call your local hospital and ask for the early pregnancy unit they should help

  • I contacted my usual gp surgery and when told them what it was regarding they said there was no need to see doctor and gave me number of the local midwife unit to self refer which is what I did. If my cycle wasn't so all of the place I wouldn't be concerned, but the way I've been feeling etc I think the first lot of dates I gave are more accurate and would already make me ten weeks

  • I wouldn't worry. Most places seem to do booking in appt about 8-10 weeks and then you'd still have another couple of weeks til the 12 week scan. There is plenty of time. I'd wait til maybe Tuesday and call again just to check she got your message x

  • Check what the procedure is with your GP. I had to see the doctor first, then email the midwives myself. There's no panic at this point as you won't get a dating scan until you're 12 or 13 weeks. Even after I emailed the midwives they took a week to get back to me. Don't panic it will all be fine x

  • Contacted them first and they gave me the number to self refer to midwife I could be as much as ten weeks already. I've contacted them a couple of times so will wait now.

  • Book to see your mid wife Hun. Either ring your doctors or maternity out patients and explain everything and ask to see a mid wife. . If you still have no reply or no further action see your gp or a general nurse at your doctors surgery. Good luck. Xx

  • Thanks reading through comments I think I should maybe contact my surgery again as it was them who told me to self refer to midwife in first place. As I said before if it wasn't for cycle being all over the place I wouldn't be concerned but I could be as Much as ten weeks already

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