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Any idea how long to be wait


I am new here...I had pregnacy termination on April at 20W on my 1st pregnacy and then tried again after waiting 2 cycle and then positive test on July but start brown spotting for 10 days leads then red bleeding(similar to period) and now test is negative. I think I had mc at week 5 or 6 and EPU said hcg level is low. I would like to have baby soon and anyone knows how long should I wait before trying.

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There is no minimum time to wait. As long as you are physically and emotionally ready.

I hope you don't mind me asking but why would you abort at 20 weeks and then try again 2 months later?

Lovbaby in reply to Georgina_D

Thanks, may be I was not emotionally ready, it was AV complete :(

Each to there own but.i dont get it either a baby is practically fully formed at twenty week at your twenty week scan you find out the sex y wud you terminate at that stage only teason I coukd think of is if the baby had an illness/disability as some people cant cope which is understandable as many people have different levels of being able to cope I no I would find it so hard you must not befrom England as im sure over here you cant terminate at that stage without due course and it sounds like you Def miscarried but I thought you had to let your body heal for a couple of cycles before trying again

I honestly can't believe the prying questions on here. Its honestly no-one else business. They certainly dont "let" you have a termination at 20weeks willy nilly. And it sounds like there was some kind of health condition for either the poor woman or the baby, and the person didn't ask for your input whether her termination was "allowed" by you or not. That is between her and her doctor and certainly not something people should be sticking their unwanted nose into demanding explanations. Surely she has suffered enough without being making snidey comments.

That said OP, there isn't a "set" time. But if you suffered a MC it takes time for your body to heal. They say it is best to wait until at least after your next period, so that its easier to "date" the pregnancy once your cycle is back to normal. But it is obviously up to you.

Unfortunately sadly doctor's detected AV complete on heart at 20w and baby want survived. It was very bad time and my heart broken in to pieces and want baby soon :(

HB 1986 - we are all in this forum for the same reason, to support each other. The above msg concerned some of us as normally after a termination women would not try again so soon. From the lady's response she had to terminate as there was a problem with the foetus' heart which she said would not survive.

She clearly wanted a baby. Not a case of "I changed my mind". I hope things work for her.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your first baby and I can totally understand why you want to get pregnant again asap. It does sound like you may have miscarried but that happens to a lot of women so don't let that put you off. If you think you're ready then carry on trying and when the time is right you'll have your baby in your arms. Wishing you all the best in future x

I'm so sorry to hear of your losses and sending you love, hoping you get a better outcome next time. As others have suggested let your body heal and maybe wait a couple of cycles before trying again. Trying to conceive can be stressful and worrying sometimes so make sure you look after yourself as well. It could be worth having a chat with your gp as well to go over any concerns, hope all works out for you and you get to hold your baby in your arms xx

I had a miscarriage April 2016 and had op to remove baby as things weren't happening naturally. Had op on 26th April bled for a couple of weeks, then waited one cycle as after bleeding it took about 6 weeks for period, fell on 2nd cycle (August) and now have a 3 month old baby! Who was due on April 26th exactly one year after op (however she was late)! X

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