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Periods not returned after birth

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My baby is 20 weeks and my periods still haven't returned. I've had hormone blood tests which dr said where clear, why could this be?

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Could you be anaemic or breastfeeding?

If you're breastfeeding this is quite normal. I breastfed my first child and my periods didn't come back until my son was 10 months old and I'd almost stopped feeding him.

You won't have periods till you are breastfeeding.

If you are breast feeding your periods will possibly be delayed. Having a. Any is a huge emotional and chemical upheaval for your body. It my take a while for things to get back to normal. You are still as fertile as you were so if you don't want to get pregnant again take precautions. If you do want to this should not interfere with that.

I had my period when my daughter was 14 months when I had almost stopped breastfeeding.

I have had pretty irregular periods since I had my baby 7 months ago. I have only had one period since. I am not breastfeeding either. It can just take a while, as so my doctor says.

Hi thanks for the responses. I should have said that I'm not breastfeeding so it's not that. I'm just concerned as I'm almost 40 so worrying about early menopause!

Hi hun my baby is 17 week and ihad my first last week but I had leep surgery last week so I think that was what brought it on so I dont think mine has returned either weird I no

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