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Bleeding after sex for weeks, 3 months after birth

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Hi all, hope you are all well!

So I had my daughter 3 months ago...

Bled after birth for about 4 weeks then it stopped, at 5 weeks it started again very heavy, not too sure if this was a period or just more lochia... Mentioned to doctor he said could be either so I forgot about it.

Then at 6 weeks I started taking the mini pill which I have never taken before then about 2 weeks into taking it I started bleeding again for about 2 weeks not really bright red but brown and pink, then it stopped thought maybe it was because I had never taken the mini pill before, so carried on taking it again about 2 weeks after started bleeding again for another 10 days (ish) by this point I was convinced it was pill so stopped taking it.

Should mention that every now and then from 6 weeks partner and I have had sex, well about a week ago once I stopped bleeding and we had sex and bang-bleeding again. So now thinking it may not of been pill causing the bleeding but the sex.

I think we did it about 6/7 days ago and yesterday it had very nearly stopped (it was more discharge colour) but this morning woken up and bleeding red again 😥

I expected to bleed after sex maybe the first few times, but not this far after birth.

Ok it wouldn't worry me if I could wear tampons as there isn't much blood (out of sight, out of mind) but since birth it feels super uncomfortable to wear tampons (sex isn't too bad but scar tissue on outside hurts) as it feels like everything that's supposed to be up and inside vagina is coming out.

Sorry about the graphic information!

Forgot to mention-not sure if it makes a difference but I'm exclusively breastfeeding.

This is my first child so may be over reacting and all this could be normal, just need advice! Thank you all X

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I've not yet had my baby so perhaps wouldn't know. From what you have described, I don't think you have completely healed from the birth.

Bleeding could also be a sign of STD.

Pretty confident it's not a std as it would of come up in tests I had done during pregnancy, neither me or my partner would ever cheat, he knows that's my number 1 hate! We have been together 10 years. Might b time to see doctor as I also don't think things have completely healed. Many thanks for ur reply!

Have you been to see your GP? Is your smear test up to date? Also you may not have left enough time to heal properly before having sex. Could also be an infection of some kind. I think you need to visit your GP.

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ReBeCcA-90 in reply to KellyTrip

Hi thanks for replying, seen gp at six weeks mentioned bleeding but he said normal upto about 6 weeks, but it's continued past that and haven't been back since, I'm due a smear in March next year, was planning to leave it until then but out of the 13 weeks daughter has been here I have bled for about 11 of them and getting fed up now! I'm think I'm having a proper period today so will wait for bleeding to stop then make a app to see doctor. Thanks again x

I would go see your GP and see what's up I'm no to sure how things work where you live. but I live in canada and 6 weeks after birth the birth dr does a physical of us. I am also breast feeding my daughter is 2 months old I stopped postnatal bleeding at 4-5 weeks. haven't bled since I know the first time I had sex it felt very different I didn't bleed after. but I do end up with a discharge ( yellowish ) and my birth dr said it's very normal as you can still have postnatal discharge / bleeding on and off for awhile.

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Thanks I think I'm having a proper period so will wait for this heavy bleeding to stop then make app to see doctor, getting annoyed with it now 😡 Saw GP at 6 weeks, but no physical exam! I'm hoping all the bleeding has been from mini pill and not sex or infection. Thanks for replying to me X

Did you have a normal birth or C section? Bleeding could last long in case of C section. It may stop for a while and start again and could be a gush once in a while apparently. If you have had normal birth then unfortunately I am not sure. Speak to your GP which I assume you are already planning to do.

Also my boy is now 11 weeks. I am still bleeding too. Although I had a C section. Last time I saw GP foe this, she said it's normal. And since two days, I too am having exactly period like bleeding. This time I am not going to GP until another two days as they keep telling me it's normal. I must admit, I too am sick and tired of this bleeding

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It was a normal birth! I think morning I am having a proper period as I'm having cramps so I'm hoping this will act as a clear out and maybe all will b ok after, but I doubt. I am going to make a app to c go after heavy bleeding has stopped! Sorry to hear u r still bleeding too it's all we need with a new baby! Thanks for ur replys, will call doctor! X

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SouthernGal in reply to KR2105

Hi, my son is 11 wks and I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Did you find out what it was?

The mini can definitely give you irregular bleeds but if you're bleeding after sex I would say you need to get it checked out. Make sure your smear is up to date etc

Thanks for ur response! Not sure if it's pill or sex, think it's sex. Having a proper period now but when heavy bleeding has finished will make a doc app x

Hi, I'm having the exact same issues right now and my son is 11 wks. Did you ever find out what it was?

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