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Help breastfeeding

Hi I'm a mum of a 7 weeks old little girl.. she's a very good baby and most of the time she absolutely loves staying at my breast, but sometimes I can tell she's hungry though when I put her at my breast she sucks for a few sec or min and then she starts to cry and goes mad. She headbangs my boobs as she tried to reach the nipple and then again the same. Anyone knows why and what I could to avoid it? It's kinda destressing for both of us..

Many thanks for your help ladies xxx

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Hi! I understand you... sometimes my baby does that as well... My baby usually does that when he is hungry and sleepy... I usually try another position for him to feed.. if he keeps on crying I walk him until he calms down then when he wakes up I feed him more easily...

Hope it helps

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Thanks.. The problem is that she does not fall asleep. And if she does she sleeps for about 10 mins.

I don't know what to do :(

Thanks for your help anyway.


You should probably reach for the breastfeeding advisor, you can also try to pump milk and feed her with a bottle to see if you notice any difference...

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Sorry I'm not a lady but my wife had similar issues and it turned out out son was tongue tied.

It was very painful and my wife got mastitis, an inflammation of the nipple.

Check for this as its easily resolved.


In addition its only 7 weeks and its a learning experience for you both.

Best of luck and try a bottle to if it helps. Remember the most important thing is your baby is fed and happy. How you do it is less important.

In addition using feeding as a sleeping method is fine at the moment but isn't a good long term sleep solution.


I wish she let me the time to pump milk, also because my nipples are extremely sore at the moment...sigh! :(

I think I'll have to reach the breastfeeding advisor.. usually she feeds ok, but when she has these moments it's really hard to cope with.

Don't think she's tongue tied, but thanks for the tip, I will ask to check it on Monday as we'll have our first routine check.

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My 7weeks old boy is a good feeder (eats in 5-10minutes and once gets the nipple in his mouth he does not let it out till he's done)

He started throwing up and chewing on his food that came up few weeks ago- we got Gaviscon - and maybe because it can cause constipation - all afternoon he was not himself - straining, being strange at feeds like your girl.

Maybe your little one is a bit tired when she is eating and she's trying to force the letdown to start but it does not start fast enough for her and she gets upset.

As I give Gaviscon - i mix it with water and I pump 2oz of milk and ad together. He's so good with bottle feeding, shame you have no time to express. Is it because she's on your breasts or because you are entertaining her?

(If she's constantly on your breast then maybe should check out silent reflux or check nappy output and weight gain just to make sure your breasts are producing enough for her)

I have a manual Avent pump and I put him in a bouncer and chat to him whilst I do the pumping. For me it takes only 3 minutes to get his 2oz out, so you might try it. Or try hand expression as then you won't fiddle around your nipple much and that would give you a time for nipple to heal!

My boy had his tongue tie revised. Did not notice much of difference to be honest but for some it's a game changer! But I think he has lip tie which is under detected, but he's not much bothered about it nor am I.

Good luck in figuring this out!x


She's gaining weight and she does have more than 6 wet nappies per day, so I am pretty sure she gets enough milk. I wonder if she takes me as a dummy and the flow of milk annoys her when she's not hungry. You know, like she wants to suck something but she doesn't want to it. But that's only an hypothesis.

During her very first days she took the dummy, now she absolutely refuses it so I have her constantly at my breast, therefore there's not time for me to express milk as I used to do when she was calmer.

On Monday I will talk to my GP about the silent reflux and I will reach health visitor or breastfeeding advisor.

Thanks for you help - congratulations on the birth of your little one. When is his birthday? Just curious as they're about the same weeks.


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