Am I over thinking?

I found out I was pregnant last week, and have my first midwifes appointment on the 31st of this month, I feel so anxious that something bad is going to happen, and feel like I'm going to be doing regular tests to keep making sure I am pregnant. - am I over thinking things and being paranoid? Or do I just need to calm down?


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  • I think we are all in the same anxious boat. We had ivf and you test after two weeks. I peed on clear blue digital once a week to make sure the weeks increased but they stopped at a maximum time.

    I had a 6 week scan at the ivf clinic but bought a doppler (even though I was listening to my own heartbeat for a few weeks!) Then paid for a private scan at 9 weeks. Then paid for harmony testing with two scans at 10 and 12 weeks. Had the nhs scan at 12 and 20 weeks but I was In the states and it was £30 for a 4d scan so did that at 18 weeks!

    I guess there is a reason that the scan places are in business!

  • Emmab178 - I'm so glad to read your response and know I'm not alone!! I'm 9 weeks post IVF. Already had a scan at 7+2 at my clinic, have the harmony testing booked in next week but have been seriously considering a private scan this week too, just because I'm so terrified. I'm trying to hold off but have been so anxious. Anyway MeganLilly - you are definitely not alone!!

  • I had a package deal in London for two scans and the harmony and it cost £400. It was so good. The 12 week nhs scan approximately 10 minutes where she counted arms and legs and pointed out the babies brain! At the London clinic 45 minutes where we went through everything even heart valves with the sonographer who was a dr.

  • Emmab178 - ah, I know the clinic you are taking about - we looked into that too, but couldn't do the package deal as they couldn't fit me in before I'm 11 weeks (when for some reason they stop doing the package). I am 10 weeks next Wednesday and fly to Italy the following day, on Thursday, for a week. I've found another clinic who can do a scan and NIPT test for me on the Wednesday. I have also been thinking today - should I try and get a private scan tomorrow so that I stop panicking. I've spent the evening convincing myself I am going to get to Wednesday, find out bad news and then spend the next week devastated in London rather than on a beach in Italy. But that is crazy, isn't it? I should be capable of just waiting until Wednesday... see MeganLilly - you are totally not alone - I definitely need to calm down as I'm a complete nightmare at the moment! I'm finding being inside my own head completely exhausting.

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