Can somebody give me some advice i'm worried,


I'm 14 weeks pregnant and since 2 days ago I've had this pain on the left side of my body just under my rib cage and it's constantly there, feels painful when I move and painful to touch it feels like I'm bruised but I haven't banged myself there or anything. I'm just worried that it's something serious can anybody help me? Has anyone had the same pain? Just looking for some reassurance or weather I need to ring the doctors.

Thanks :)

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  • Hi before panicking please take into consideration that it could be postural. I as a man get a similar type of pain if I spend to long at my desk. Although if I were you I'd go and see your doctor, even if its just to put your mind at ease. No one will judge you for it, and better safe than sorry!

  • As your uterus expands your intestines and everything get shoved up so there will be pain the worst is the rib cage but if your concerned always seek medical advice xx

  • Hello, all of the above could be true. The only way you can really know is to go and see a dr. I had pains under my ribs, I went to the drs who diagnosed pleurisy which was linked to my pregnancy. Easily treated but needs to be diagnosed first🙃

  • Could be acid reflux but I am not a doctor. I would make a GP appointment.

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