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My life has been ruind by social serveces for 21 years.

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Last year my BF dumped me, I went back to leeds, I got back with my ex. We found out 3 weeks later I was pregnant and I got scared that SS would take my baby. I was homeless for the first 4 months of my pregnancy. I was looking continuacley for a place and had to spent time in a hostle in Leeds town center. I was bullied everyday there. I was given a flat 5 months before she was due. SS would not help me. My daughter was 5 days late and SS made me stay in hospital for 4 days then they moved me to a mother and baby unit in sheffield my partner and I were doing well. Then 6 weeks later we were put in a foster placement in castleford and we were there 4 weeks and I was taken to court and they ended the placement. They said my partner and I were arguing all the time and we were not doing what the foster carers were telling us to. They took my 10 week old baby. I get to see her 3 times a week. I miss her and I did everything they asked and told me to do. On friday I had to give permission for her to be adopted because all the SS and foster carers are saying if she comes home to me she will be in danger. I am not a bad mom. The reason they are like this with me is because.

I was in foster care at 2 years old.

I was excluded from high school.

I was put in childrens homes from 11 years old.

I was abused dayley so I ran off.

I was in a abusive relationship for 2 years when I was 17.

My life has been hell for 21 years.

I might be pregnant and my baby is 13 weeks and 3 days old.

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so sorry to hear about your troubles.

I would suggest you to get in contact with your case worker as soon as possible. You should talk with him/her, explain your situation, ask them what you need to do to get your child back. you should ask why they have decided to remove your child from your care. The reasons you have listed are not enough for them to remove your child. you should get legal advice too. As long as you can prove that your house is safe environment, you can support and take care of your child they should be trying to help you.

good luck.

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Its too late SS are filling the paperwork for her adoption

until you have signed over your parental rights you can still intercept this. They can put your child into care but not forceably adopt.

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I agree... It's not too late. Don't give up. Seek legal advice tomorrow morning. Talk with social services. You have to remember that all they try to do is to keep children safe. most of them will always try to keep children in families, as long as parents are ready and willing to cooperate. Even if there is another reason, which you haven't disclosed to us, why they have decided to put your child for adoption, they should be able to help you.

stay strong and don't give up

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Well nobody can force you to put your child up for adoption. Nobody can make you sign papers. I don't think anyone can comment about the situation. Sounds like getting pregnant again at this point tho isn't a very good idea...maybe try sort out your life first before having another child

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Don't you think that this "advice" is a bit off? If she's already pregnant then there is no point telling her to sort her life first. It's just stupid judging unhelpful comment.

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Well it says might be pregnant... So I think if she isn't yes holding off a pregnancy is a good idea... Not judgemental at all... It's called sensible. I'm not judging

At all... But I do know that social services don't take children away for no reason... It really is a last resort.

You are absolutely right. The law is very complex and the decision on whether to grant the adoption or not will be made by the court. If SS can provide evidence that a child's welfare is at stake and they're at risk of significant harm, they have grounds to remove a child and make plans for their future, including fostering and adoption.

Legal representation is free for parents in child care cases so you need to find a solicitor ASAP.

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I was in bad relationships for years. Stay single until you can love yourself and your baby. Stay away from stupid men who stress you put. Look after you and your unborn baby. Get support from other mums in your situation. If you only have to worry about yourself then you'll be able to concentrate on what's important- you and your unborn baby. If you can't get away from these exes then ask social services to help you. The last thing you need right now is a shit man.

You can do this but you have to put yourself first.

Sending you lots of love and hope xx

I'm sorry but you're projecting. Social services don't just remove children for giggles. They ONLY make applications to remove at birth when they think there's is a real conceivable risk to that child.

Maybe you need to have a look at why they might think that.

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