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Operation and sickness at 17 weeks!

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This is my first pregnancy and I was lucky to have a fairly smooth first trimester with a bit of sickness, which eased at ar 11 weeks. In week 15 it hit me with a vengeance, and was completely different from the beginning. I was then diagnosed with an infection and had to have emergency surgery last week. Baby is fine but o am feeling lousy. No appetite, dry heaving and feeling fed up. I even avoid eating, which I am sure isn't helping. My GP says it's just part of pregnancy - put up with it! Has anyone got any tips? I am 17/5 now and I just don't feel human.

Thank you :-)

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If it's made worse by not eating ... Try eat small regular meals, high in carb. Sounds like you're still getting over the operation which unfortunately will take some time

It might take a while to recover or due to pregnancy recovery looks different and feels different. Your baby will get what they need. Whilst follow your instinct is a good thing. Having regular small meals can help enormously. Sometimes what we least feel like doing is the best for us.

There are lits of ted x talks about the importance of nutrition to our mental state.


Thank you for your reply. I agree that nutrition has an influence on your mental state. I usually have a good appetite and am meticulous about my nutrition. This current phase is causing me a lot of concern because I am not eating properly and, when mentioned to the medical team, they simply said "your appetite will come back". I had gastrointestinal surgery due to a perforation in 2014. I felt very similar to how I feel now and needed the input of a diet. I wasn't pregnant then, and I feel my concerns are being dismissed as "normal for pregnancy". Sorry for the rant.

I have been there. Had terrible morning sickness. Even with no food in stomach that from the vomiting force my placenta detached. But I was ordered to bed rest and baby grew fine.

I had met earlier on a gp who didn't give me any advice. I had no idea of ginger biscuits and neither did I thing of searching online back in 2003. It is horrible when they brush concerns aside.

Baby will get what it needs and your body needs more to recover and rest than to be eating it seems. Maybe concentrated nutrients such as nuts and seeds and vitamins. I take flax seed oil capsules as this helps our bodies make omega 3 and 6 oils. It is considered healthier than directly taken omega oils or farmed fish. Do you take pregnacare?

Good luck

Oh my! It sounds like you had an ordeal. We're you hospitalised? The frustrating thing is, I wasn't too bad in the first trimester and this has all coincided with becoming unwell, having umpteen courses of antibiotics and surgery. The antibiotics make me feel worse.

I am taking pregnacare, yes.

Antibiotics are horrible. Of course they do a lot of good too.

But it takes up to 6 months for your intestinal flora to recover after a course of antibiotics. Eat natural goat and sheep yoghurt. Quark and drink kefir. But with no sugars. Sugar kills the good bacteria. I'm sorry about the down mood. It is difficult to imagine positive things. Xx

Thank you for the advice. I wondered if my gut has been affected by all the antibiotics and poor diet. I made the mistake of drinking glucose based drinks thinking they would give me instant energy. I feel like nothing is moving in my gut and it's all so sluggish (sure this is exacerbating the sickness!). I will try the food stuffs you have just read recommended. Is probiotic yoghurt any good or does it contain too much sugar. Xx

My lovely, please rant away, it sounds like you're going through such a tough time. I really hope you recover soon. I echo what everyone else has already said, little and often is best. Having an empty stomach would always make my morning sickness feel worse. I too had no appetite and only ate cereal and bread so would supplement my diet with cold pressed fruit and veg juices (bough not made!) so I knew I was getting some vitamins. I lost over a stone in the end. I found pregnancy a bit of a slog but it's worth it in the end I promise!

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I know what you mean. I am finding it a slog now, and I feel like such a wuss for feeling the way I do at the moment. I hate nausea and being sick, and would choose pain over this any day! I have been staying with family (I fell ill when I came to visit for a weekend so away from husband and my hospital in London). I am trying to hide how bad I am feeling from them because my mum and sister had easy pregnancies. I think it adds to the pressure.

Did your appetite improve?

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Unfortunately it didn't. I remember I hated going food shopping because I used to just stand in the aisles not wanting anything! It drove my partner mad! :) we never went out for dinner as we would end up leaving It doesn't help that the hormones make you an emotional wreck too! The day after baby was born however I was literally back to my normal self.

I did not enjoy my pregnancy too and it took some time for me to say that out loud. I went to NCT classes at the end of my pregnancy and that really helped. It was basically 10 heavily pregnant ladies all complaining on how crap we all felt. We are still friends now. I would highly recommend this if you're feeling low. Chatting to people going through the same experiences really helped me!

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That is really helpful, thank you. I think I have isolated myself a bit if I am being brutally honest! My partner is trying to understand but, bless him, he does get hit by the erratic emotions!

I was considering the NCT classes but was worried I would turn up and it would be obvious I am not enjoying the pregnancy. Now you have told me otherwise, I will definitely make an effort to join. It's even helped joining this forum. Admitting I am finding pregnancy difficult is a relief in itself.

Thank you :-)

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