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Am i having a miscarriage? (Apologies my post, Contains blooded tissue photo)

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Im currently around 5 weeks pregnant, on monday evening (10th) i stared to get stomach cramps, i had a little bit of brown/dark red spotting and brown mucus discharge.

The cramps came and went over monday night/tuesday day and i had the odd little bleed (varied from brown to dark red)

On tuesday night the cramps got worse. In wednesday i bled bright red blood on n off through out the day. The cramps continued. Towards the late afternoon i started passing clots and lumps.

Wed night i bled all night (still am now) and passed lots more lumps and clots.

Im currently on holiday (in uk) but i dont really want to drag kids round to the local hospital and ruin their holiday, im going to ask for a scan when i get home. Obvs if i get worse i will go to hospital, but im 99% sure im loosing my baby.

I have had a misscarriage before but it didnt mean as bad as this.

(This is my fourth pregnancy - i have two kids, 3 years and a 13 monther)

Please help.

I apologise for the attached photo, this is one of the lumps ive passed.

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Doesn't sound good hun. As ur away the only thing you can do is go to a&e and get referred to the epu.

Might be worth googling to find out where your local epu is and giving them a call. They maybe able to advise you over the phone or just give you an appointment without needing to sit in a&e

Wishing you all the best. Take care of yourselves xxx

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Thank you for your kind reply xx

You could take another test if you don't want to go to hospital although your hormones will still be high, they might be lowered which means they might not be picked up on a test, although this is not a certain way to make sure as a scan at epu would be more if you really don't want to to go to hospital you can try this first hope everything goes okay xxx

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I was thinking the same hun, i bought one but havent as yet taken it. I need to syke myself up first xx

☹ I have had a Mc at 8 weeks and sounded and looked very similar to that. I'm sorry hun. Hope I'm wrong but if it gets heavier even if it means taking your kids along to an epu you need to put yourself first. I know lots of people have bleeding and might not Be over for you,hoping it works out xxx ❤

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Thank you for replying to me. Xx

Sorry for late responce, my signals rubbish here

The bleeding is still happening but on and off now and not as heavy.

Ive had no more clots / lumps etc since sunday evening.

Cramps have settled now.

I dont feel sick of nausious or dizzy anymore, so it feels like it has happened and its almost over now :'(

I just dont feel pregnant anymore.

Im away till tuesday so im going to see doctor on wed and ask to be referred for a scan to check its complete. Im sure it is tho from what ive read and what you ladies have told me.

Im so gutted.

I just feel so empty xx

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Oliversmum in reply to Becks-734

Bless you heart. I've had two miscarriages myself and I know very well the pain your feeling. Having said this I'm hoping to give birth to a little girl any day now. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Take time to grieve, feel your loss completely and heal. Embrace your partner and the children that you do have, remember you are very lucky to have them!

Push your drs for any help you may feel you need.

Wishing you a rainbow baby soon xx

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Them empty feeling comes after a miscaraige i no ypu try to clong on to hope but ypir gut tell ypu ive had 13 miscaraiges and a stillborn everytime a miscaraige was coming on id be crying even befote i bled then that empty feeling with or wothput bleeding would come did you pass the sack om so sorry for ypy stay strong i no its so hard xxx

Im sorry hun i think your definitly having a miscaraige xx hugs to you go to the hostpotal if bleeding continues as you may have retained products i pray ypur ok love but to me i dnt thinl u r so sorry x

Hello ladies. Just a little update.

Im back home now.

Bleeding is almost finished. I have the occassional spotting but thats getting less n less now.

No more cramps.

I took a pregnancy test last night and it came back negative.

So yeah. . . . feel gutted!

Thank you for all your support.

Kind wishes for the future xx

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Hope your feeling okay or at least a little better I have never experienced one myself but I couldn't imagine the pain your feeling but pick yourself up and enjoy your life and prepare for the next one as silly and straight forward it may seem it's the only way to continue with life xxx

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