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Am I pregnant on the implant?!

So I am under 20.

I have had the implant for 3 years due to take out in August I have been with my partner for 3 years.

Recently I have been using the toilet excessively for weeing and finding it difficult to pop (sorry for being graffic)

I am hardly eating and tend to be tired all the time.

I for the past 2 weeks have been feeling sick all the time.

I know this could be me over reacting but I am freaking out and so scared!

Do you think I'm pregnant?

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Very unlikely on the implant. Have you checked a test?


I would say that if you are coming to the end of the implant, the side effects may be your body reacting to the lower hormone level coming from your implant. I was on the implant for 6 years and felt like that a lot of the time. But I never fell pregnant.

You could always do a home pregnancy test to be sure. :)

Hope that helps xx

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Thanks so much for getting back to me!

I took 3 home ones and it says I am which is alarming as I thought I would be protected!

I don't feel ready and really not sure what to do!


Go and see your GP to talk through your situation and to discuss your options. They're best placed to help you with this.

Good luck. I hope it turns out for the best for you.


If the pregnancy test is positive def. need to book in to see gp. Was your implant meant to last for 3 or 5 years. Did you go over the time it's meant to be in? Could that be why you got pregnant?


We’re you pregnant? My implants due out in June I’ve started having periods again sept Oct nov dec, these past two weeks I feel pregnant if that makes sense . Not sure if it’s just the side effect of the implant running out or not 🙁


Take a test?


I obviously will when I get opportunity to get one, I was just asking the lady if she was


I had been on the implant for 6 years (had it changed after 3) and never got pregnant but I do know of 2 people that have conceived whilst having the implant. If it says positive then book in n see the GP asap x


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