Poorly 19 month baby

Hi all, my LB has been poorly for the last 4 days (today being the forth) he wakes up completely fine but from about 1pm his temperature comes back 40.2c and a rash appears on his body and now arms and legs. In the evening it seems to die down and becomes better. I took him to the doctors yesterday and was seen by the nurse who advised its probably a virus but I just don't know what to do with him. Any advise? Today it's taken over 40 mins to get his temp down after ibroprofen. Should I give paracetamol as well?

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I probably would not give paracetamol at the same time. 40mins sounds right for it to start working as it needs to be absorbed from the stomach. Giving both together won't work any quicker and if his temp up after a few hours you don't have anything else left to give him. You can stagger the paracetamol and ibuprofen through the day tho. My daughter regularly gets temp of 40with viral bugs. Can take a few days to settle, but if not settled after a week I'd probably go back to the gp. Of course make sure he still drinking and wetting nappies.

Hi my daughter has just had a similar thing. She got very lathargic in the day, although she dropped naps a month ago. High temperature on Fri, Sat and Sun with Sunday seeing her sleep all day and vomiting. She bounced back Monday but still hasn't returned to normal eating. I'd say the nurse is probably right and that it's viral. Try paracetamol followed by Ibuprofen with the 4 hours in-between but Ibuprofen can upset the tummy do beware.

It's normal to be well in the morning and slowly fade as the day goes on and your defences break down. High temp on its own is not a huge worry. It's when combined with rash, vommit, diareaha and other symptoms that you should become concerned!

Thank you. It is a worry when a rash and high temp could be so many things. He's been sleeping lots so hopefully after today he'll be on the mend.

With regards to rash I'd always do the glass test if you're concerned. If you press a glass against it should disappear (blanching rash) ... If doesn't disappear it is more of a concern and def. something to get checked out.

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