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3 miscarriages and one lost baby to spina bifida

I'm really struggling, 2 days ago we said goodbye to our beautiful little girl whom we lost to a severe form spina bifida / hydrocephalus, I was 22 weeks.

Before this I had 3 miscarriages. Our baby we lost at 22 weeks was a twin (we lost this baby at 8 weeks)

& then 2 more before, 10 weeks & 13 weeks. I also have a healthy 9 year old boy by a previous partner.

I'm undergoing tests to make sure there's no issues with chromosomes but we were never given any info about our 3 lost baby's (we were told "it's one of those things" 1 in 4 blah blah blah)

I have 2 questions really has anyone ever had the same issues as me and gone on to have a healthy baby? And could my normal dose of folic acid resulted in the death of my early babies? Could there be anything wrong with me? The tests take 3 months

....I'm so scared I'm close to saying "that's it I gone up, I can't do this heartbreak any more!"

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Hi there I had a miscarriage a year ago no answers given that was at 9weeks then in March this year I gave birth at 19wks and 5days I'm still awaiting on results but I'm pushing for answers as I couldn't bare going through it again. I worried it was me but doctors feel with there being next time round all will be ok. Keep pushing for answers and make sure they put a plan together for when you try again. I hope you get answers. X

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Hello, I'm so sorry your going through this pain.

I had a son no problems and when we decided to try again we had two miscarriages. I couldn't accept the idea of having a 3rd miscarriage before drs were willing to investigate. As you say the heart break is just too much to bear, but that will get better in time. I am a catholic and went to a healing mass and I can't tell you how much that helped me - not sure if your religious but might be worth seeking some spiritual healing.

There are lots of investigations that you can have done not just chromosomes, but also hormones, thyroid, and blood clotting issues - there is another thing where you don't absorb folic acid properly. Be admitted with drs that u want to be referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic, might be worth doing some research yourself. although I warn I very nearly drove myself crazy. But the period of investigations gave me time to heal.

In my case it turned out I had a blood clotting issue - treatment 75mg of aspirin daily. I'm currently 36 weeks 6 days pregnant and looking forward to giving birth soon.

Please hold on, by all means cry, scream, shout, keep pushing your dr until your heard!

I wish you the very best of luck, take care of yourselves it's a long hard road; hopefully with light at the end of the tunnel xx


I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in March (my first baby) and have found that incredibly hard to deal with. I can't imagine what you are going through right now after several miscarriages. I have no words to help unfortunately but if you just need to someone to talk to please feel free to message me. I hope you get some answers from the tests soon xxxx


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