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31 weeks +4 and in slow labor

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Hi all didn't know that I was actually 31 wks +4 days today had a slight bleed this morning and had cramps since then was advised by midwife to go to the hospital so have done me and my husband where both under the impression that I may have another urine infection but when the consultant came round and did a examination we where told i was in slow labor at 31 weeks I'm terrified have had a steroid injection and have been kept it to be closely monitored was not expecting to be told this just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has had the same experience I'm so worried that the baby will come early and won't be able to cope breaks my heart as we have come this far after having a miscarriage last year I don't want to lose my baby boy

Em x

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I haven't had any experiences with this but as long as your waters don't break you should be fine your in the best place to be and they will make sure to keep your Baby in as long as possible, I've herd of this happening and baby has been born at 34 weeks but your baby can survive in the open world I was born at 28 weeks and now I'm 24 and have a baby girl of my own lol hope this reassures you slightly good luck and hope everything goes okay xxx

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Thankyou it's just abit scary to think it's so early but I'm still in the hospital being looked after well xx

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You will be fine they will do absolutely everything before delivering that baby for you and if your baby boy does arrive they will deffo take care of you both xx

Hello honey,

I had the same experience as you. My baby boy came while we were visiting family away at 32 weeks.

I'm from Hertfordshire and I delivered my baby in Shropshire.I had the steroid injection too and they've tried to stop labour, but my little one decided to come early.

He didn't need any oxigen, or extra medicines, he was in the NICU for two weeks just waiting to him to grow. Was hard to eave.my baby every night there and I cried every day. The nurses were lovely and they did an amazing job I cannot be more thankful for that. Every morning we popped to the hospital I felt butterflies in my belly and hurricanes in my heart, he was improving very day.

Don't be scared of babies being in the NICU. Know is not what you were expecting, neither it was what I was expecting either but babies have big chances of survival from 24 weeks.

There's a charity called Bliss, you'll find their website if you Google it. They give support and information for parents that have premature and/or sick babies. They helped me a lot.

Be strong for your baby. He or she will be stronger that you think too. You'll encourage each other to be strong.

My heart is with you. I wish you all the best for you and your little one.

Remember you're not alone xx.

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Thankyou it's nice to know I'm not alone my consultant told me about bliss todayhave had my other injection for his lungs and I'm being monitored they have said it could be days or week it's like being a ticking time bomb but atleast I know we are safe where we are and have a good team looking after us

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