I want to try again but scarred I will i miscarry again

I've just had a miscarriage which was the worst thing ever..I was sent to hospital with low blood pressure and to much blood loss..I really want to try again as I've heard your most fertile after you stop bleeding, but I really don't want to go through that again..I'm 42 so my age us a factor, is there any good storys out there to help me to decide to try again or not...good luck to everyone, your not alone xxx

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I went to my 12 week scan early April last year found out baby had no heartbeat, broke our hearts as we had been trying for 5 years after 2 weeks of waiting for baby to come out naturally ended up having a erpc operation, 8 weeks after op I was gutted when I got my period, however fell pregnant in the cycle after (3 months after op), and I am sat here now writing this as I breastfeed my wriggly 8 week old healthy daughter! Did doctors give you any reason for miscarriage, or have they advised you against trying again? If not then I think you should try again! Xx


Oh I'm so pleased everything went well for you in the end,no I don't why it happened, but I certainly will be trying again. Thank you xx


Hi there

I know this is hard and is so heartbreaking.

I had a miscarriage 5 years ago and my heart broke - I was 16 weeks gone, there was no reason either I was fit and healthy and done everything right (I was 19 at the time) But I fell pregnant a year ago and now have a very active 10month old boy. I was very nervous to begin with, anytime I thought something was wrong I'd be at the doctors for a check up but in the end everything was fine.

My mother had a miscarriage and she was told she couldn't ever have kids and she went on to have four of us!

I know it's difficult but I wouldn't let it stop you trying again xx


I found out I was pregnant on the 1st September by the 9th September I was up the hospital having an early pregnancy scan due to major cramps and pains in my lower abdomen, I was told that I had a complete miscarriage it's just that my body was having a slow recation with the bleeding, 2 days later I started bleeding. It came as a large shock that I was pregnant in the first place but it broke my heart that I lost the baby and felt like I had failed. I still haven't come to terms with the lose yet but on the 24th November I was a few weeks late on my period and thought nothing of it just thought my periods had gone out of sync but turns out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby who now only has three weeks left till their arrival, mine happened all very soon after. I would suggest waiting longer than a month to fall pregnant again but mine really wasn't planned for the second time either but I wouldn't change it, if you want to talk you can always message me :) xx


Oh I'm so pleased you got your baby in the end..thank you for telling me a happy ending x


Thank you all for your kind words, I think I will try again as soon as my body feels ready glad you all had beautiful babys in the end xx

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Give yourself time to heal physically and emotionally. Even though it was an early lost, it was still your child; allow yourself to grieve without being in a hurry to 'move on' these things have a way of creeping up on you and then hitting you like a bus - I've been there.

Take care of yourself, try to be positive, your rainbow baby will come x


Thank you for your kind words x


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