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Putting baby to sleep

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Hi all. I am a first time mum. My boy is now 1 month old. He sleeps for long hours during the day and keeps waking up every hour at nights. Putting him to sleep at nights is a big challenge. I wanted to find out how other parents deal with this situation.

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Hotly should stimulate him more during the day he's got his day and night confused try keep him awake longer and he will sleep better at night

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Thanks Charlotte. Trying the same. Hope things will change soon

I didn't get my son to sleep at night for months. If you breastfeed then night time is when your supply is established the most. That's what I was told anyway and it makes sense. Have a look on Google.

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Thanks KellyTrip!!! Yes I am purely breastfeeding at nights. Hoping to see a change soon.

Honestly I think you're probably expecting a lot at 1 month... They don't have a routine at this point. However you can try and show him the difference by keeping curtains open and light, plus normal daily sounds during the day and silence/dark at night. But it will take time

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Thanks roxannacar!!! I guess you are right. I should probably give some more time. I am having a reality check being a first time mum :)

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Despite knowing your life will change ... you dont know what its like until you're in it! heh quite a a reality check, but it gets easier

Yeah keep it noisy during the day, and light have the TV in keep baby downstairs for naps and put baby on a play mat when they are awake to stimulate a little that's how I got my baby girl to go from bad sleeping now she sleeps from 8-9 possibly waking at 7 for a feed

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Did it affected your milk supply if you don't feed for such a long night?x

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I didn't breastfeed for long as I had a hemorrhage and low iron supply, still do which meant that my milk didn't through till day 9 and my baby girl lost too much weight so had to stop on day 3 but from what I gather your body does get used to the pattern it shouldnt affect your milk supply but if your worried try feeding groups or ask health adviser xx

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There are days when I just want to get at least one good night sleep without having to express or latch him and give him the previously expressed milk. But I am also worried about milk supply reducing by not feeding or expressing for so long. I noticed that breasts get heavier and painful. So I have been feeding him at nights and express during the day and freeze the milk.

I need to consult a breast feeding expert and check.

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I know ow how you feel my three days were hard enough on the 3rd and final night I tried to breastfeed she screamed everytime I put her down, she made me so sore and stressed out especialy after a 3rd degree tear, stitches and a hemorrhage and having to wait 45 min for a nurse to help me pick her up to feed her so I chose to bottle feed my little one has been sleeping through for the past 2 nights from 7/8pm till 9am after a few months of struggling with her we've finally got there, it's such hard work but you will find what works best for you and your baby I think as long as you express before night time for last feed you should be fine xxx

Wow!!! That must have been very difficult for you. 12 hrs sleep at a stretch (touch wood)!!! That's amazing. I have a long way before I get there. Can't wait though ;)

I am in the same situation, my girl is 6 weeks old and struggles to sleep for long when not being held or in the sling. Been told that especially during the night it is that your hormones are a lot higher so as kellytrip said your supply will be more during the night.. I'm hoping the same as you, that eventually she starts so be able to just sleep in the crib and let me get more than a couple of hours at a time but hope that just once they are a little older and gone through the next growth spurt their little stomachs will get big enough to sustain them for longer!

Good luck! X

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