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Scared about Breast cancer

Hello I have really scared myslef, I am a mid teenager and in the past month have had a breast infection in one of my nipples. I had a course of antibiotics and this seemed to help clear the problem. Recently however the symptoms have returned and made the mistake of googling them. I had all the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer and have convinced myself I have the condition. Do you think I have it or do I need more antibiotics/ different treatment.

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Best thing you can do is seeing your Dr again. Sometimes infections seem cured but there is still some bacteria remaining and the infection comes back!


I had a blocked milk duct which needed antibiotics to clear it up and the same area flares up from time to time. Hot water is meant to ease the discomfort I only just found that on google!

Just head back to the dr and see what they say. Could just need a different antibiotic


Nobody can tell you on a forum ... go see your doctor. If it's any reassurance Breast cancer is very rare in teenagers but you should still get it checked.

Can I ask if you smoke? If you do I'd encourage you strongly to smoke, as duct infections are strongly linked to smoking.


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