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Combination feeding

Has anyone done this successfully before? I'm pregnant with my first baby and would like to breastfeed but I am worried about the strain and difficulties in doing so. I'd also love my husband to be able to bond by feeding the baby and for it to not just be myself doing it.

Any tips on breastfeeding and equipment would be appreciated as I don't know absolutely loads

Thank you

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If you can get an electric breast pump. Look out for a double Ameda from boots for less than the price of a single. I like the double cos you can do both breasts at once.

Don't buy bottle sets before the baby comes, cos they may not get on with it. Got the time tippee set only to find my baby preferred mam bottles (a friend had given me a pair). Saying that, it did work out in the end cos I used the tommee to store the milk in the fridge.

P.s I combined formula and breastfeeding for 1st 3 months

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I combined for first few weeks as I had to do to baby struggling to feed/gain weight. It's do able, but you need to keep up expressing and breastfeeding as if you start using mainly formula your supply will dwindle. After few weeks I ended up fully breast feeding as it was so much simpler than bottle, and at 3m when I tried giving baby a bottle she refused it so did purely breastfeeding then.

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To begin with get the hang of breastfeeding, ask for help from as many people as you need to. Establish your supply. Bf was tough with my first as no-one spotted she had a posterior tongue tie until she was almost 6 weeks old, got it cut privately. I sought help from some amazingly supportive bf ladies, but I also saw a GP who was less helpful! My health visitor was awesome at helping me and encouraging me. My friend lent me some books and I was fascinated to learn that women can bf an adopted baby without having been pregnant. So my supply had gone down loads as my baby was tongue tied, but with all the support I received and my bloody determination I managed to get it back up gradually until she was just having one bottle every evening which my hubby gave her so I got a break and he got to bond with her. My son was also tongue tied but I spotted that and got it cut straight away and he refused a bottle! There is a magic window of time to introduce a bottle, I can't remember when it is, but if you can hold off until your supply is established and just do one feed at the same time every day its wonderful mixed feeding (bf is easier though as no washing or sterilising, doesn't matter where you are, if you are with baby you can feed baby).

Another way oh can bond with baby is using a sling, carrying your baby especially in the 4th trimester is amazing for bonding. A stretchy or close caboo, make sure you put it on tight and go to a sling library/meet for advice. I love baby wearing and still carry my babies (when they let me) even now they are 5 and 3years old.

Best advice I got re breastfeeding was take it one feed at a time. Best advice I got about being a mum was listen to your baby and trust your mummy instincts, you are the expert in your baby. Good luck.

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I combination fed for a few days whilst I got the hang of feeding. To be honest, I found it actually made it harder to establish my milk supply but it was our only.option at the time. My husband felt like he wanted to feed to bond but there are so many other ways to do it. It does work for some people though! I had an electric breast pump but my son didn't take a bottle so in the end was a bit pointless 😂. It worked so much better than a manual though.


Hiya, don't stress! It will be tough for the first few weeks but just keep at it and persevere and when I say tough I mean you could be feeding for what feels like forever but just accept it and go with the flow. I expressed via an electric breast pump at the hospital and it's one of my biggest regrets, it completely messed up my nipple and you shouldn't really express until your milk supply is established in a few weeks. Honestly it will be more detrimental to feed with the bottle in my opinion, I was hoping for the same so my partner could bond but there are so many other ways and babies are totally mommies boys/girls for the first few weeks anyway.

Don't buy an electric pump either!! I spent lots of money on one and a manual one and then I found this: a silicone breast pump which is the most amazing thing ever, you can't feel it, it's literally silent, it gets loads of milk out, it's hands free, it's super easy to clean and sterilise and it's cheap.

also! Drink LOTS of water, it will make such a difference initially to your supply, take Fenugreek and eat a bowl of porridge a day. You got this! Best of luck with everything and enjoy your little baby boo xxx


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